About Me

Hi :D So just a brief intro about myself..
My name is Jessica, currently 22, and working a corporate job.
I started this blog when I was 17, but have had Xanga and Livejournal in the past.
This blog is primarily my nail, life, and food blog. I update my Instagram more frequently though.
If you haven't noticed already, I'm addicted to cute things and I love finding good deals. I tend to buy things that I absolutely do not need nor use.
I am always either eating, sleeping, working, or stressing about assignments.
Hopefully this blog is a good way for the people in my life to get to know me and know stay updated with my life.
Photos are taken either with my iPhone 7 plus or Sony RX100 II (Both upgraded in 2016 from my iPhone 5 and Sony TX9!


  1. Hi, I enjoy reading your site! Is it okay if I contact you through email? Please email me back.


    harry.roger10 gmail.com

  2. You sorta look like Kim Dao on youtube. Hope you keep on updating your blog :)