Sunday, February 26, 2012

Canada: Ottawa, Ontario

Here's a shorter post :) After Montreal, we went to Ottawa.

Day 3: February 20
 After getting up and checking out, we stopped by a Tim Horton's for coffee. It's like a Dunkin Donuts of Canada...they're at every corner that you turn to! I got a mocha iced cappuccino and it's exactly like a Coolatta.
Then we stopped by Chinatown to get pho for brunch.
We stopped by this shiny jewelry store and I got this ring :) It's sterling silver and only $10 :) It fits my pinky.
Our last stop before leaving Montreal was Yeh!, which is a froyo place. We got a bit of froyo and a strawberry Nutella crepe. Originally we wanted to go to this crepe place outside of where we were staying, but it was closed the entire time D: But this place has both froyo and crepes, score!
It was a relatively far drive and there was traffic and we didn't arrive in Ottawa until late :\ It's another apartment-styled hotel and they had everything we needed :) from utensils to water boiler to a cutting board. Since we ate so much around lunch time, we didn't get hungry until like 10-11PM and we had trouble finding a place that was still open but luckily we found an Italian sorta place :o We ordered pasta yumm :)

Day 4: February 21
 The Chinatown in Ottawa has such a grand gate!
We went to Three King's Restaurant. We ordered this seafood soup thing, which was good. The bf got a seafood w/dried scallop fried rice and I got a curry chicken with rice dish. His was good, but mine was kinda bland. I didn't like it :( We only ate about 1/3 of our food and packed up the rest.
Since the Rideau Canal Skateway that we wanted to go to was closed..we needed new plans! So we just decided to go to malls :o First was the Carlington Shopping Centre.
 We went to the pet store..they're so cute! Those are neon tetra fishes and they glow! I wanted them, but I don't think I would be a good pet owner lol
More coffee from Second Cup. They're like the Starbucks of Canada..I ordered a vanilla Chillatte, which was exactly like a frappuccino. 
Went to the Bayshore mall afterwards. I don't even remember what we were looking for LOL but probably just wanted to go shopping.
We went to another pet store..those puppies were hugging and sleeping AWWW! 
Bought some Butterfly Jasmine and Happy Kumbucha tea :o They're a Canadian brand, but I think they have a store or two in the US.
 Before heading back to our hotel, we stopped by a Chinese supermarket called... -forgot- to pick up some snacks. The Mini 4 are mochi..the packaging is so cute!
We were going to go to this Korean restaurant for dinner, but when we got there around 10:20PM, they said they wouldn't serve us Korean BBQ because they're closing at 11:00PM :( So we went to another place called Korea Palace for our fix of Korean BBQ :D We got the seafood platter and pork tenderloin. The seafood was soo delicious! The pork was meh. 

Well that concludes my stay in Ottawa! :) There wasn't much going on there. There was the Rideau Centre or something like that.. which is like their downtown and it had lots of stores but unfortunately we didn't get to go  :(

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Canada: Montreal, Quebec

Hi guys! I'm back from Canada :) It was such a long drive home.. We left around 5PM and didn't get back until 3AM! I had fun eating, shopping, and just exploring the place :) I took over 500 pictures during this trip, so be prepared to be spammed!
But before that, I did some pre-trip shopping for nail polish heh.
Sinful Colors: Glass Pink 376 | You Just Wait 858 | Cinderella 1106 | Why Not 951 | Bali Mist 387 | Spoiled: Pumping Gas S066 | Paying With Platinum S064 | Revlon: Radiant 441

Day 1: February 18
We stayed at the Sheraton, right at the heart of downtown! The room was nice and clean, not much of a view though, as you can see.
We explored a bit and went to find food and ended up in an underground mall while I was looking for an ATM to get some cash. It's called Centre Eaton Montreal :o 
There was a large food court inside and we ordered from this Indian place. The food was very bland though, so I didn't like it :\ And the spinach was overwhelming lol.
I found a store called Inglot with lots of make up and nail polish!! The nail polish was sorta expensive, so I didn't get any ($12-16 each) but later I found out that there's only a few Inglot stores in each country! All the colors reminded me of Essie.

When we were done, we headed to Chinatown. We got a parking ticket because we thought we didn't have to pay for the meter since it was the weekend and didn't see anyone with the slip on their dashboard :( Turns out that you don't have to put it up on the dashboard and you just pay for whatever and the meter person probably just enters your spot number to check your time.
AHH cuteness!
Bought some stationary! I admit I have absolutely no use for a fan..which doesn't even work btw because of the lace, but it was too cute to pass up on! I'll try to put it in my room somewhere to look pretty lol.
Ended the night with madeleines, which weren't good imo. They were more like cookies and weren't soft/fluffy on the inside. Got these from a bakery called Piccadilly.

Day 2: February 19
Woke up around noon and checked out. Then we went to a ramen shop that we passed by in Chinatown the day before called Sumo Ramen. It was pretty good and we also ordered their fruit juices, which was soooo delicious!
Then we checked in at our other place :) Which is like an apartment sorta thing :D It was pretty spacious.
Did my nails while waiting for masseuse, who was late... it was my first time getting a professional massage and it was meh. Just felt like someone was touching me lol.
The Montreal en Lumiere was going on during that week, so we decided to take a look! There was a ferris wheel that we rode on. It lights up at night in lots of different patterns, it's so pretty!
It was too cold we headed back! Night view from the room :)
Then we went to La Salle à Manger for my "French cuisine" 
Foie Gras; people on Yelp said this dish was good, but the texture was kinda gross..not my thing!
I ordered a pork chop and the bf got a rabbit leg. Mine was okay, the mashed potatoes was good. It was my first time eating rabbit :o It tasted like chicken lol. But too pricey! I wouldn't come back to this place :\ It wasn't worth the price and the service wasn't that good because the server took FOREVERRR for everything.
We got hungry at like 2AM so we went out to get some poutine :) It's a dish taht originated from Quebec. We went to La Banquise because it's supposedly the best poutine place and it's open 24 hours, score! We got the original one just to have a sense of what it's like..there was lots of other kinds with different toppings! It's pretty much fries with gravy and chunks of cheese (like string cheese sorta taste) It's not bad :)
Tried to take a picture of the place but didn't realize flash was on...that guy at the window and his friends were just STARING AT ME! It was sooo embarrassing and I couldn't wait for us to drive away :( They stared for minutes! AH!

Wow, sorry for the long post! But here there goes our stay in Montreal! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ready for Canada!

In about 4 hours, I'll be off to Canada for the first time! I'm going to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, but I'll be back next Friday :) I'll probably post again when I'm back or something :D
Stocked up on snacks last night for the road to Canada :) Ofc I'm not bringing ALL of it, but maybe around half x)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Collection of Hauls!

My Sephora order came! I got a moisturizer for the bf and got myself a tokidoki perfume in Adieu. It's a very sweet smell, which I absolutely adore! I have all the mini-sized roller and this one is my favorite, so I decided to order it in full size.
There was a coupon for a Versace perfume which I got because it looked so cute LOL tbh, I don't even know what it smells like but it's so pretty! It's smaller than the size of a nail polish bottle. I also tried the Billionaire Boyfriend perfume and I didn't really like it. I tend to like light, sweet, or fruity sorts of perfume.

I was nearby this food court where I usually get random gachapons if they're cute (Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty...) I usually only get one from each collection, but when I saw these, I just HAD to get them all! I remember Pauline's (omgnoodles) post on her's recently, so it's such a coincidence! Mine are the newer ones with the erasers..I'd much rather get phone charms!
I actually only took 11 tries for all 7 colors :x I honestly think that's pretty good. For extras, I got pink (2), yellow, and red. I gave two of them away to friends. These will be going on display on my bookshelf! :)
I also went to a store and I found a Domo letter pad :) I collect stationary and would occasionally write to penpals, but not so much for the past year because they disappeared on me :T But if I ever saw cute stationary, I wouldn't pass on it :P
I ordered more Swarovski beads.. I got into them around December but never really made much. They're soo cute >__< I think I like buying them more than actually using them LOL

Okayy to end things, I dropped by Walgreens today to look for Sinful colors nail polish because they just came out with a few new colors and they're on sale for 99 cents. Unfortunately that Walgreens doesn't carry them anymore and there were only random ones here and there. 
And to my surprise I found the Essie nail polish that I've searched all over for!! I never thought of looking at Walgreens because I didn't know that they carried Essie, but yay! I also picked up a shimmery red and orange.
Essie Luxeffects Shine of the Times!!! | Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar 839 | Sinful Colors Cloud 9 853

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

I had a pretty good Valentine's Day this year with the bf :)
He gave me roses in the morning :D I had to lug it to school though and it wouldn't fit in my locker >__< It was just sorta embarrassing to walk around with a huge bouquet of flowers.
As one of our school's fundraising, one of the clubs sold carnations where you send it to each other. 

After this meeting I had, my bf went to Restaurant Dante for our date! :) They had a 'Perfect Date' dinner thing, where it consisted of four courses.
They served us bread in the was plain and cold. 
Smooch: A cute little couple; We both got this shrimp cocktail. Can't really go wrong with it 
Foreplay: pillows and canoodling noodles; Pillows are the was okay because it was very warm. I got the noodles, which didn't taste that bad.
Climax: Italiano and love bird; Bf got the Italiano, which is beef tenderloin. The didn't ask him how he wanted it cooked, but it was way too rare and for some reason half of it had some disgusting taste. He didn't like it. I got love bird, which is a chicken scaloppini. It wasn't bad...but at the very last piece I found hair on it EWWW! The server didn't even do anything about it when we told him about it -___-
Spooning cake for two; The first one didn't taste that good because it was drenched in vodka :\ and the second one was okay except the chocolate they drowned it in was very, very, very bitter so it was kinda gross :\
Before we left, I accidentally elbowed my glass of water and...whooops..
The coat boy gave me a rose before we left :D Which I thought was very sweet. Obviously it was from the restaurant, but still xD

Overall we'd rate this restaurant a 2/5 because the food didn't taste that good and it was very expensive too. They were served in very small portions as nobody did anything about the hair in my food -__- There was a lot of wait time between each course and when the food came out it was warm most of the time....

What the bf got me :)
I've been wanting this Hello Kitty perfume for a while and I always complain to him about it :x Not only is the bottle super cute, but it smells nice too! Not too strong..I haven't worn it yet, but I hope it's something I'll grow onto. When I smelled it again today, I wasn't so sure as to whether it's a keeper or not..but it seemed like it when I first smelled it.

Ughhh tbh, I was actually super unprepared for Valentine's Day so I didn't really do much for my boyfriend :\ He pretty much planned the whole day while I was just there :T I actually had things I wanted to do for him, but none of them worked out, so I promised him like a "Valentine's Day 2.0" on a random day to surprise him, so hope that turns well!