Tuesday, October 15, 2013

China Glaze: Scattered and Tattered over Naked

Haven't had a nail post in so long! I wanted to do a red mani, but the only red I had around was China Glaze's Scattered and Tattered from their Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces collection, which I picked up at Sally's not too long ago. 

Deciding on a base coat was challenging, but I decided to go with a pink, China Glaze's Naked which I got as a set for Breast Cancer Awareness. 
Scattered and Tattered (1 coat) over Naked (3 coats)

Application: The formula was on the thinner side, but easy to work with. It took three coats before I was satisfied. Two coats still had a bit of visible nail line.
Color: It's a hot pink with very fine shimmers. 
Overall: I'm happy with it. But it started chipping/wearing really quickly. I took the photo a day after I applied it.

Scattered and Tattered
Application: Nothing wrong with it. I used one coat and it was pretty dense, so I was satisfied.
Color: It's black and red glitters of all shapes and sizes (stringy, hexagon, circle); clear base
Overall: It's a fun polish to play with, but since it's red, I have no idea what to pair it with.

Columbus Weekend: CollegeFest 2013

Friday night I went home and I spent Saturday shopping at Urban Outfitters (50% off clearance) and Forever21. More damage to the existing hole in my wallet. Was super tired so didn't do anything else for the night, but ended up staying up til like 5:00AM anyways and reorganized my nail polish by brand. 

This year CollegeFest was hosted at Hynes Convention Center on October 12 and 13. They were passing out free tickets on campus but I didn't know about it T_T I decided to go on Sunday and it was my first time going, so I didn't really know what to expect. It started at 12 and I got there around 12:45. It was basically just companies setting up booths and advertising themselves. A lot of it were raffles (that I didn't win), plinko, or pong. 

I think it was an okay experience. Definitely get your money's worth of goodies and time passed by quickly. We had to go around 3..so it was only 2 hours but still felt like forever. I think I'd go again next year though. One thing I don't understand is HOW people end up getting loads and loads of goodies.

Went over to my friend's for the night and the next day had dinner there as well. It's only been three days but it feels so long :o Tomorrow I don't have classes either, so I'm happy :D But my TF wants us to go to her other discussion because ours is canceled due to the holiday.