Saturday, April 28, 2012

OPI DS Extravagance

After two messy manis, which I won't be posting, I finally have something decent.
OPI DS Extravagance
It's a pretty purple-maroon sort of color with glitter. Compared to all my other OPI, this one applied nicely because the rest are always so thick and streaky. They were super shiny last night, but I might've gotten clay on it in case it seems a bit duller. I think I cleaned it all off though.

A few days ago, I went to Bath & Body Works to pick these two up. They're so pink and cute lol. They had a thing for free signature collection up to $6, so the bf and I went :D

Well, back to editing Arizona pictures & catching up on all my school work x__x I only missed three days, but there's like so much work.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Off to Arizona!

Last week I went to Arizona to visit relatives during my school break. The vacation lasted from April 17-24.

Day 1: April 17, 2012
Picture on the plane.
By the time we arrived, it was already late (almost midnight) so we stayed at my cousins' grandparents' place.

Day 2: April 18, 2012
The next day we drove to my relatives' house, which was like a three hour drive D:
They have such cute dogs. This one's name Coco and the other one is Jeffery, which you can sorta see him in the pic. I have better shots on my instagram :D user: xlila
We then went to Entre for lunch buffet. 
Then we just spent the rest of the day at the house and going to Walmart/Safeway to buy a couple of things. I picked up some souvenirs and nail polish remover lol.

Anyways, I'm gunna cut this post short because the next post is going to be filled with lots of picture spam :D I took over 200 pictures so they're going to be such a hassle to go through and edit :x

Long Overdue Nail Haul

Two weeks ago, I went to Rite Aid and found the new Wet n Wild Bejeweled collection for $2.99 each, which is rumored to be similar to China Glaze's Prismatic collection. I only have one polish from the latter, so I can't do a comparison. This week Rite Aid is running 40% off Wet n Wild :( 
Born into Privilege | Bow in My Presence | Speak When Spoken to | Jewels for Your Highness | The Crown is Mine
Born into Privilege
The lighting was probably too bright when I took the photo, but in person it's more green and gold like the bottle. I only used one coat on most of my nails because I wasn't planning on keeping the mani, but actually did for a while. It took days before it started chipping (a lot of some nails, others were still as they were.)

I also found the Sinful Colors Girls in Pearls Sheer Shimmer Collection as well as Green Ocean, a flakie that they release for St. Patrick's Day.
Firefly 1121 | Luminary 1120 | Morning Star 1116 | Green Ocean
I originally saw the entire collection, but decided to wait because it was the end of the month and the whole thing with the budget. But I decided to get it anyways the next day and most of it was gone D: So I was only able to nab three of them. They'e $1.99 each except Green Ocean was on sale for $0.99. :D

Other polish buys:
OPI Nail Envy x2 $15.64 shipped | Seche Vite top coat $5.35 shipped
There have been so many people raving about Seche Vite, so I finally decided to order it on Amazon. I was reluctant because it wasn't Big Three free, but oh what the heck.

A few days later after receiving the SV from Amazon, I went to Sally's and saw this set on sale for $6.99, so  it was a steal because the SV alone was worth $5.35 and that would make the polish (and charm) only about $1.50.
Also grabbed this mango thing for my nails to keep them moisturized because I don't have any and it was cheap. Plus I need to start taking care of my nails more often. Nabbed a mini sized polish too because it was too cute D:
Mango Mend treatment $0.79 | Seche Vite + CG Go Go Pink $6.99 | CG Ruby Pumps $0.49

Here's a bonus swatch:
OPI Privacy Please
It was a bit sheer, so I needed three coats and even then you can still see my nail line. Still a pretty nude-ish-pink color.

Anyways, that's it for now, I have lots more to post later :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fiesta Shows

This Sunday, I went to this carnival event thing called Fiesta Shows. It's supposedly the largest carnival in New England :o It was $20 for unlimited rides and there were typical carnival games to win prizes. I didn't ride on any of the rides because they didn't seem that interesting :x and didn't seem like it was worth the money. It was only $1.50 for entry, so not bad.
Took these lovelies home with me, Tuxedo Sam and Karate Domo.
Tuxedo Sam was from the game where you have to pop balloons with darts. I swear the guy ripped us off x__x cuz he just kept telling us to shoot & asked for money LOL.
As for the Domo, it was from the games where you shoot water at the target and whoever gets the water thing filled fastest wins. It took me 4 tries to get it :( You have to trade in a smaller prize to get it too! I had to trade in this cute giraffe :(
Afterwards, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I ordered a ribeye steak. I'd have to say my favorite part of the restaurant is the dinner rolls that they give us. They were sooo good! It was my first time here and I'd definitely come back for the rolls :x
Well, that's all for now :) I'll probably update later in the day. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Festive Glitter nails

I received my OPI Nail Envy yesterday, so I went ahead and did my nails again :) I probably won't be able to notice the effects so soon, especially while my nails are short, but I'm crossing my fingers for it to work!
Base color: Sugar Sugar 839 || Glitter: Jordana Sequins 08
I wanted something festive and happy since it was my bf's birthday :D I didn't plan on using a red base, but as you can see, the glitter polish has a lot of small red glitter, so it's kind of hard to match it with another base color without looking out of place. After applying the top coat, it seems almost as if it was like a jelly polish :)

I'll end the post with a bit of food..haven't in a while! I didn't get to take many pics of the food because it was scattered around, soo yeah.
 Pork bulgogi?
Cutting the mango mousse cake! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Nails 2012

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday :) I personally don't celebrate Easter, but I'm sure many of you guys do.
I did some sort of Easter mani earlier this week. It's supposed to look like an egg, sort of, like a dyed Easter egg or something. Excuse the mess, I didn't get to clean it up properly and unfortunately it chipped after a few days, so this was the best lighting I had. It didn't last until Sunday because I decided to take it off Friday night or something and just let my nails rest. There's been too much breakage and splitting so I cut all my nails :( And I bought OPI Nail Envy off of Amazon to try to strengthen my nails.

Guilty of More Shopping

There were a lot of Easter sales going on in the malls and online! I swear once I start, I can't stop x__x
A&F and Hollister had 40% off everything including clearance. They usually have additional markdowns from clearance, but I can never find anything good. Yesterday I went to the mall to see what they have.
Abercrombie & Fitch Woven shorts $12.90 $7.74
I thought these shorts were very cute and better yet they were pretty cheap! There was another color that I liked better, but it didn't have my size :( I think these would look nice with tights/leggings.
Hollister knit shirt $15.90 $9.54
New York & Company had 50% everything and I needed some more work clothes, so I decided to look around. I saw a few tops that I liked, but when I tried them on, they didn't look as nice on me.

I swear this top looks way cuter in person. It looks a bit scrunched up in the modeled pic, but I just didn't pull it down enough when I took the pic lol
I forgot whose blog it was that I saw Urban Outfitters had their Paint Palettes on sale for $4.99 from $20, so score! :) None of the colors have names though.

Today I went to CVS/Rite Aid and bought a bunch of stuff. I think Rite Aid just opened up at that location, so they had really nice deals.
CVS: Pantene Shampoo Ice Shine & Aqua Light 2/$6.97 - $6 extra bucks = $0.97+tax
I only know that these shampoo doesn't have silicon soo that should be a good thing. There weren't that many reviews online, so I guess I'd have to be the judge myself.
Rite Aid: Aussie 2/$4 I've used the 3 minute miracle before and it was pretty good, so for $2, why not? I haven't used the hair insurance before, but I'm guilty of grabbing cheap leave in conditioners/deep conditioning products all the time.
Nail polish remover were buy one get one free and I was running out. 

Bought a few more things online at Hollister...
Hidden Hills (white) $9.54
Boneyard Beach (cream pattern) $7.74
Capistrano (light green) $7.74
I saw sleeping shorts at Gilly Hicks yesterday, but stopped myself from buying it because I felt like I could get something similar but cheaper, even though the material was really nice and soft! So I bought this to make up for it, even though it probably won't be the same material.
 Old Town (dark heather gray) $9.54
Tights (dark gray) $5.34
I hope these will fit me!

Okay, I swear that's the end of it for now..the shopping ban has been working up until this point lol...but I'll probably find some excuse sooner or later and buy more again.. at least for the rest of this month, I should restrain myself. I have a few things I wanted to order from Forever21, but... :(

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Huge Online Shopping Haul!

I haven't been clothes shopping since that haul from like January! It's been so long, but it feels so good....watching the money deplete from my bank account T__T

For Easter, American Eagle is offering free shipping + 25% off everything (code: 29781571) as well as buy one get one 50% off, so I took the liberty to order a few things :3
Image from
Aerie Pretty Corset Dress $22.49
It's a very pretty color! Some reviews said the straps were too long, so I ordered a size down and my usual size so I can choose whichever one that fits. I like how it looks online, soo I'm hoping it'll be a keeper :3
Image from
AE Flared Jersey Cardigan $7.50
I love the frilly detailing on the bottom!
Image from
AE Embroidered Boho Top $14.99
I thought this was sorta cute, so I ordered it. I might end up returning it depending how it looks on me though because I'm not really sure how much I'll like it in person.

Charlotte Russe
They had a 25% off skirts, and I saw some that seemed work appropriate so I ordered a few. I don't really have any bottoms for business casual clothing, so I definitely needed these!
Retro Sailor Pencil Skirt $19.31
This one was my favorite, I love the button details!
Textured Pull-On Pencil Skirt $11.12
Image from
Millennium Stretch Pencil Skirt $11.12
So while I was browsing the skirts, I saw multiple of the same looking skirt but it had different item numbers, and two of them even had the same stock photo! So I just chose a random one and ordered...turns out that this isn't white but it's silver... just realized it, so I'll probably return it if it doesn't look good.
Millennium Stretch Pencil Skirt $11.12
Belted Faux-Suede Flat Boot $16.04
Total was $66.21 but most of them are worthy investments and work clothes are necessities.
Floral Pleat Front Dress
I don't have any dresses for the summer, so this is another one I ordered! 
Lola Bow Ankle Boot $14.99
I might have trouble pairing this with bottoms, but hopefully it works out! 
Steve Madden Kortship Flat $9.99
I only have one other pair of flats and when I saw these for only $9.99, I had to get it! I don't have much purple, so hoping to fill my wardrobe with more purple :D
Tie-Waist Peacoat $12.99 
Basic peacoat for a chilly spring-summer day.
Total came out to be $57.96 + $8.50 shipping - $20 coupon = $46.46

Total damage was $180.14, but I'm expecting some returns if that makes it any better!! Maybe I can treat it as an early birthday present to myself or something. Was really hoping to treat myself to a flat iron or a handbag, oh well.
I'll be sure to post reviews/pics when I receive the packages!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Follow Me on Instagram!

Instragram finally released its app on Android, so I got it :) My username is xlila so follow me if you use Instagram or leave your username as a comment and I'll do the same :) I added a widget on the side of my blog to show whatever's my latest pic. 

This is pretty much the same one I uploaded, except it's the original.
Tiramisu cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! Yummm <3 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Joe Mist (Brume)

Since the Liquid Crystal kept chipping, it was time for a change. I decided to use a polish that I bought in Canada. Joe in Mist (Brume)
It's a milky green color. It's very beautiful! Initially it seemed really sheer, but after two coats it was starting to get more opaque, but a third coat was definitely needed.
 I would definitely get more next time I'm in Canada or if I spot it anywhere else! I got mine for $4 at Loblaws. I think it was 3 for $10, but I didn't get more because I didn't know how it would turn out, but too late to regret it now :P