Thursday, January 26, 2012

Abercrombie & Born Pretty Haul

I got my Abercrombie and Born Pretty order two days ago. I love receiving packages :)

Anyways I ordered the jacket in two different colors because I couldn't decide between them. I also sized up with the grey in case the navy one didn't fit, so I was going to choose the one with a better fit... but turns out I like the navy one better except the armpit area is kind of tight when I raise my arms. Sooo I can't decide which one to keep! I can't exchange either because it's probably out of stock in stores :(
They grey is just so dull :\ I'll probably stick with navy.
Another downside to the jacket is the fur.. it's like the texture of a carpet, not those soft ones.

For Born Pretty, I ordered nail tips, a stamper, a plate, and rhinestones. I haven't tried out any of them yet except I started playing with the tips :) I still need to buy the glue for it though.
This is my first plate and I can't wait to get more! They're inexpensive, but the money adds up when I order a lot, that's why I only ordered one :(

I hope everyone else is having a good week..I'm exhausted but at least today's my day off from work :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nail Polish & Under Armour Mini Haul

I got my passport in the mail today YAY! It was really, really quick. Probably because it's not really the time when people travel (now vs. beginning of summer). It says that it'll take 4-6 weeks, and 2-3 weeks if I expedite it for an extra $60, but I just chose the former and was willing to just reschedule what I my travel plans if it didn't come on time, but lo and behold it only took 1 week! I applied last Saturday and got it this Monday :)

I found out from Nouveau Cheap that a bunch of Milani products are 75% off, so I went to pick up nail polish. 
Retail: $4.99 on sale for $1.25!
Red to Tango 24 || Good Morning Sunshine 29 || Gold Lamé 103 || Breezy 19
The Good Morning Sunshine and Gold Lamé are very similar in person, except one is a slightly lighter shade.. I was trying to decide between the two, and leaned towards Good Morning Sunshine, but for only about a buck, I reasoned that it's nice to have a darker shade available ;)
As for Breezy, I originally wanted to order it during the Black Friday(?) sale, where Milani had 50% off everything and it looked like such a beautiful shade of blue when I Google imaged it..but I held back and ordered a few other shades instead. But look! Now I can get it for even less!

Anyways, I ordered a few things wallet T__T Under Armour is so expensive!
UA Charged Cotton® Storm Fleece Full Zip Hoody (Black) Retail: $69.99 on sale for $51.99
I had to order this one online because I couldn't find my size in stores. I got one for my bf for Christmas and was supposed to get a matching one for myself, but they never had it in stock, so I waited until now to order online. 
It's water resistant and a lot warmer than normal hoodies.
UA Rage Small Duffel (Graphite/Desire) Retail: $29.99
I've wanted a duffel bag for a while now, not for athletic purposes, but just for traveling because it's much simpler than a suitcase or something bigger for just a few nights or a week away from home. It's big enough for me because I put toiletries in the side and fold some clothes inside and I'm set! No need to stuff a gazillion pairs of shoes in there.
UA Snowmageddon Snow Pants (Black) Retail: $149.99
The above two were the only things I intended to buy, but saw a section for snow gear. The snowboarding pants that I have are only a shell layer, so it's very thin (thinner than a normal tee!) and I always have to layer it up, but decided to invest in some snowboarding pants, so hopefully these will be a lot warmer! In the end I'll probably layer it up with leggings anyways just to have an inside layer.

To end the post, here's some food like always :)
Cheesecake bites from Target! There were bigger ones, but I wanted to try it before spending money on something I might not even like. They're yummy! There's New York, Raspberry, and some other one.. 
McDonald's came out with these popcorn chicken called Chicken McBites and I wanted to give it a try. They come in three sizes, I got the smallest one and the packaging was so cute because it was tiny (in a good way)! If you like the breading of popcorn chicken, then this is a good snack. There's not so much chicken, but usually popcorn chicken doesn't anyways.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

...Or if you're Vietnamese then Happy Asian New Year :P
I had this urge to paint my nails again because it's been a while since I've removed the last ones. I didn't really want to do them because for some reason my nails get kinda bad after painting them a couple of times :\
On my index and middle finger you can kinda see how it splits and breaks at the edges...I dunno how to prevent that :\

But anyways... originally I wanted something darker to match the winter season, but since it was New Year, I wanted something red as well so I googled for designs and found this:
This design is done by Linz Lacquer, and [here]'s her original post.

As for me, I originally did it exactly the same (minus the heart), and my friend was saying too bad I didn't have gold because she wanted me to do something with a gold glitter, but I had a normal gold polish, so I decided to make my dots gold instead! I actually already did my left hand with white dots, so I had to dot over that so that I didn't have to remove everything.
Sinful Colors Gogo Girl 852
Revlon Metallic Gold Coin 925
The top picture is more true to color, but took another picture without flash to show the dots better :)

Well, until next time, bye!

Friday, January 20, 2012

AE Order Arrived :)

I overslept yesterday morning for school :/ so I got there half an hour late. I didn't really sleep that late last night but I was probably lacking sleep from the night before but wow I slept through the entire day. I have seven classes and managed to fall asleep in all seven of them. But if it makes it any better, I was only dozing off in two of them...the other five I was knocked out.

Anyways, my AE order arrived today from this previous post. The sweater looks kind of orange in the picture, but it's actually more of a red in person.
I'm debating whether to keep the boots or not. Usually I can't find anything that fits properly, but for this one it doesn't look exactly like the stock photo.
If you compared the two, the stock photo shows that it's more slouched throughout, but when I wear it, it's like the top half isn't so slouchy and it's just straight. I'll try pulling it down or something and see how it looks next time I try it on.
As for the sweaters, I had a hard time deciding, so I think I'll actually keep all three of them :x I know I usually don't keep more than one of the same clothing, but they're pretty basic tops, so I think it should be okay. Plus they weren't that expensive either :)

To end today's post, here's some food!
 There were some snacks at work today for this staff appreciation thing :) Yumm the pastries were so good!
Lastly, hotpot again for dinner :D

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bunny Nails's 1st Giveaway

Congrats, Bunny Nails for reaching 60+ followers!! But even as I type this, it just keeps growing and there's 273+ followers now!

She is doing a giveaway to 13 lucky winners with the following prizes:
1x XL nail stamp plates A, B, C & D (same as magnonails)
1x QA series nail stamp set of 19 plates (QA 1- QA 19)
1x A series nail stamp set of 20 plates (A 01- A 20)
2x 7 QA nail stamp plates 1, 2, 3 , 4, 12, 14 & 17 (Cartoon characters)
2x 6 QA nail stamp plates + 2 A series stamp plates (random selection)
6x 1 Kleancolor nail polish in Chunky Holo Black + 6 nail art sticker sheets

More details on her giveaway [here] :D
Disclaimer: Image is taken from Bunny's blog

Well I'm at work right now so I'll keep you guys updated after I get home :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adopted Six More PINK Dogs!!

As usual, I'm sooo tired right now. I stayed up until 5:30AM last night and only had a little more than an hour of sleep. School went by quickly. I had a math test that I didn't study for and I used my free period to catch up on some sleep, but nonetheless I think I did well somehow. I did some cramming during an assembly with a friend where she pretty much showwed me her notes in silence because we couldn't talk LOL. I have work until 9PM, so I can't wait til I can go to bed.

Today, these striped Victoria's Secret PINK dogs came out :D I haven't been collecting them from the very beginning, but I have everything (except one.....) from the last two years :D I actually bought a bookshelf from IKEA a few months ago not for books, but to display my dogs instead...
My boyfriend went to get them for me while I was at work yayyy!!
Yesterday on Monday, this is what I saw when I woke up :(
I went to Ikea just to try to food there haha. I've been told that the food is good there, but I think it's okay. I ordered side dishes and a chocolate cake.
Side of Mac and Cheese & Fries
I wasn't a fan of the mac & cheese because it just didn't have the cheese melty the way I like it. Instead the cheese tasted kind of powdery and it was chunky
However, the fries were very crispy, which is how I like my fries.
Chocolate cake!! It was very good and it was what I've been craving for, contrary to the dry texture from the cake in my previous post.
My boyfriend ordered Swedish meatballs and chicken noodle soup. He's been raving about how good the meatballs are, but I think they're okay. Not really my favorite. The soup smelled really delicious :)
Bought a bar of chocolate for home. Only 99 cents!

Well until next time :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yummm Chocolate!

I went to the bank yesterday to get my online banking unblocked because the person on the phone told me to go to a branch and finally got everything fixed. That lady probably thought I was dumb cuz I was blocking everything LOL I blocked my debit card, online banking, and telephone was blocked too LOOL. I dunno how the last one happened but it just did :\ Downside of all that is I waited two hours before I got everything resolved...and it only took me like 5 minutes, so most of the time was waiting :\ 
I also went to Bank of America to exchange some bills for crisper ones (I like saving crisp bills) and I swear the lady gave me nastier and soggier ones LOL. >:(

Afterwards I went to the post office to apply for my passport yay! Hopefully I'll get it in time to go to Canada next month :D I didn't expedite it because I didn't want to spend $60 for that.. but without that it'll take 4-6 weeks, so hopefully it all goes well.

Then spent the next hour or so playing pool. Some people are just so rude :\ I was walking back after throwing something away and another girl gets up to throw away her trash but she walked into me and her plate like gets onto the sleeve of my jacket and like salt got all over it (good thing there wasn't like actual food on it I hope). At first I was midway saying sorry just out of reflex, but when I saw her, she just looked at me with no intention of even apologizing and her friend who was still sitting was just staring at me -__- I just brushed the salt off and walked away though because I was on my way to the restroom :\ But I wish I had say something because she got A LOT of salt on her and it was her fault too. I hope the salt I brushed off while I was still standing by her was brushed onto her -__-

 Later on I went to this chocolate restaurant. They have a few "normal" dishes, but most of the things were like chocolate related. When I first walked in the door, there was a huge waft of chocolate already! Prepare for a large photo spam :)

Went to the "chocolate shop" in the restaurant while my bf and I waited for our time because we were a bit early for our reservation. 
This HUGE bar of chocolate is $250! I wonder who actually buys it....
 The baby stuff in the left back corner is so cute looking!
The imprints on these chocolates are soo cool. But they're like a quarter size and already $1.50 each :\
Napkins LOL It's the face of the owner xP
"Do it Yourself Hot Chocolate" in white chocolate :) It's like a candle under the milk thing on the right and you just dump in the chocolate yourself!
"Eighties Milkshake" At that time I only had a straw so I was wondering how to eat the ice cream LOL It's kinda watery though. I like my milkshake a bit thick.
"Waffle fries" They're nice and crispy. Yummm! They have chocolate and chili powder sprinkled on them, but the taste isn't noticeable. The sauce is mustard I think...? I didn't like it :x
"Melting Heart Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake" I was craving for chocolate cake, but I wasn't a big fan of this. It was super pretty though! The cake has melted chocolate on the inside, but the cake itself was a bit dry and I was craving for something creamier like a cheesecake kind of texture. On the left is a shot of chocolate LOL It was so cute!
Took me like 5 minutes to realize the metal container in the back had more chocolate in it. At first thought it was like powdered chocolate, but melted chocolate came pouring out so I just drowned the cake in it LOL
 S'mores Sundae
Overall, I wouldn't really go to this restaurant again. The service is very good and the food looks amazing, but in my opinion the food is very ordinary and definitely NOT worth the price. 
To end the day... :) Some of the petals came off because the wind blew it off LOL

That's all for today :D 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Online Haul

Last night I stayed up til 6AM working on this paper for my English class >< So I was just falling asleep throughout the day D: But now I have the weekend to relax because Monday is a day off for MLK Day.

I did some serious damage on my wallet yesterday :( Last night I was looking on AE's site and bought a couple of sweaters because they were super cheap, under $10 :)
I bought it in red, dark grey, and a striped bright blue. I'll probably pick one and return the other two because I'm not a fan of keeping more than one of the same shirt even if they are different colors.
I saw these on sale as well :O I've been wanting to get suede boots, but I never seem to find ones that look nice (even though most of them look the same LOL) or they usually don't fit, so hopefully it goes well with this pair :)

I saw an email from A&F about up to 75% off outerwear. It was funny how a few days ago there was one about up to 60%, followed by a 30% off the next day and the next day this one. It's like..too bad for people who ordered the first day :(
This one caught my eye the most >< It wasn't that cheap, but the price was still reasonable. I really like the buttons and just the overall look of it, dunno how to explain it D: But bought this in navy and grey, both in different sizes, so I'll just pick the one that fits the best. I was hoping to find it cheaper in stores, but things are so hard to find in person and it might be out of stock online, so I just went ahead and ordered it.

I thought this was cute >< I'm a sucker for clothes with frills like this and hopefully it'll look nice with a cardigan or something.

I'll probably post about them when I receive the items. My AE order already shipped :D

And to end things! I had hotpot last night with the bf after getting off work.. I was starving!
To start things off I ordered a mango shake. It wasn't that good though because all I could taste was a slight hint of mango and it just didn't taste that flavorful. Btw Banny I took this picture just for you :)

We had a pork and spicy Mongolian soup base. Ordered some beef and like seafoods. Yummm. I dunno afterwards I still felt the same as when I walked in LOL I was getting full but kept like I could keep eating a lot.

Well until next time, cya! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

School and Passport Rants

Sighh I have a lot to rant about, so they're all relatively long reads.

So yesterday around 1:15PM another fire broke out during school. I found out yesterday as well that the trash barrels were SET on fire by someone each time, so never mind about the heater melting it. Someone was arrested later in the afternoon, so that'll probably be the end of it. It was kind of funny how around noon today, everyone was saying how they were prepared to go outside with their jackets and umbrellas because the fires have been happening around the same time xD And I feel bad for the person who got in caught (assuming it really is him) because he pretty much just ruined his future, but who knows...maybe he'll be let off with less severe punishments because he's a juvenile. 

After school I tried getting my economics grade changed because I believe my teacher recorded the wrong grades for me. For a test where I scored 100, he wrote down a 82. And for a test I retook, he wouldn't even  put it into his grade book because he's so lazy or something -__- He messed up my first term grade as well where he recorded down grades lower than what I get, and I bothered him every other day about it, but he never got to it -.- And this time I've been pestering him about my grade everyday because today was the last day to make changes, but he tells me he'll go double check my grade and factor in my retake, BUT HE NEVER DID -__- And after I insisted about a grade change, he just took that 82 and averaged it with an average of two of my test scores and gave me a 75 running average when it should be at least somewhere in the high 80s or 90s, so in the end I get a final average of 89, but it should be like 90+ :\ It's fine if I did recall my grade incorrectly and it was the 82 (but I saw it for myself and he himself told me it was a 100 like two months ago when he graded it), but he wouldn't even check it and add in the right grades, which is what annoys me the most. I'm considering taking this issue to my counselor just to have them force him to make the changes or something, but it seems kind of too late because today was the deadline for changes and my final grade that gets sent to my schools will probably remain the same, but there's still a chance that it'll get bumped up half a letter grade if I can get a 93 average this term, which I should have because of my test scores, which he wouldn't factor in -.-

Today, I tried going to apply for my passport and I swear either the lady doesn't know what she's saying or the site needs to update the info, or at least all their workers have to be informed of the same thing. I went to the passport agency and not a post office because I'm applying for the first time, and my boyfriend has tried applying at a post office before, but was sent to the place I went to because it was his first time back then. But the lady tells me that I can go to the post office, so there must be some communication issues with the workers who deals with passport stuff. Then she tells me I need a parent or like their signature if they're not with me...but I start to say how the form says DO NOT SIGN UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO. But she keeps telling me "who does it say is supposed to sign it?" like wtf lady, I know it wants my parent to sign it, but they're obviously not supposed to unless we're in front of the people, so what are you trying to tell me?! And I asked her what if my parents can't make it with me, and she tells me I would have to get a notary. At the points, it feels like she has something against people who don't come with parents lol.... but there's like no forms online and the only one is for minors under 16 -__- When I told her the whole thing about the minor thing, she starts telling me about like the prices and stuff wtf. 

Well as for less I learned how to play bananagrams :D It's actually really fun haha

White I was eating my ice cream earlier, I noticed this white bump on my upper lip T__T I have no idea what it is, but it just appeared from the time I ate these noodles and ice cream, which was like a 5 minute time frame ):

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fire at School

Soo yesterday at school there was a fire at school because a trash barrel in the bathroom melted from the heater wtf. So around 12:15 the fire alarm went off and we all waited outside for 15-20 minutes and it was so cold. I only had a thin cardigan on.

You would think the school would learn its lesson but today another fire alarm went off around 1:15. Had to wait outside for 15 minutes again but luckily I had my jacket but still cold nevertheless.
But seriously two fires with the same cause twice in a row?!

A bunch of firemen came into the school after everyone evacuated 

When I got home I used the Prettia dye from this post, and right now it's drying, but I don't see a difference at all -.- So I'm going to have to redye it or something. But what a waste of money :\

Monday, January 9, 2012

Purchases + Nails

Saturday I went to an Asian supermarket to buy Prettia because my roots are growing out and it's kind of uneven on the top, so I wanted to try Prettia because it's like a foam dye, so it's supposed to make the dye even. Right now my hair looks like I have black lowlights or something because of the unevenness at the top :\
I saw My Beauty Diary on sale, so I picked up a box of that as well.
 My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot $12
Prettia Custard Brown (?) Not really sure of the color $15.99

Next door was Sally's, so I went to look at nail polish as well. Finger Paints just came out with these flakies in the Special Effects collection. Blue Year's Eve was on clearance along with a bunch of others. 
Finger Paints Twisted $5.49
China Glaze Blue Year's Eve $3.29

Twisted is my first flakie so I was excited to try it xD Orginally I had it over a darker color, but it kept smudging even after waiting a few hours -__- so I just took them off and redid them, but tried a lighter color. In the end it still messed up :\
Finger Paints Twisted on top of China Glaze Empowerment
It's a more Barbie-pink in real life, but looks like a baby pink in the pics. The flakies didn't show up so well in the pics, but then again it's still pretty subtle irl as well.

I don't know if it's all China Glaze nail polish or just this one, but it was very streaky :\ I only own this one and the one i just bought, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was really hard dealing with this nail polish.

To end the day, I went to a cafe and ordered nachos. It looked really gross at first but they weren't that bad xD It was a little pricey though, so probably won't be something I'd order again.

Well I'm super tired.. so I'll be heading off to bed now!