Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Or happy holidays for those who don't celebrate Christmas. 

This Christmas didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to be, it could've been a lot better, but I'm looking forward to a better one next year. 

Even though I was complaining about having work all week, I think I'm kind of glad that I have something to keep me busy all week. I feel so bored at home after a while and I just can't stand being here x__x there's nothing wrong with what's going on at home, but it's so boring I guess. 

Short post, so until next time! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Semester is Over!

I took my last final today, so I'm officially on winter break! 

This morning sucked. I had a final at 9:00AM. The shuttle was supposed to come at 8:50, but didn't come on time, so I went to take the train instead. I left my wallet in room, so I didn't have money or my train card, so I ended up having to walk across campus and was late. :T The final was okay, but I wasn't really that prepared. 

Some of my exam grades/semester grades are posted up..and they're okay, but there were some regrets overall. It's a pity that two of my professors won't be teaching again after this semester. 

Anyways, I'm looking forward to just relaxing for the time being :) I have work all of next week though, but I need the money. :x 

I've been playing Scramble with Friends lately...let me know if you play!

Well, until next time!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finale Dessert Tasting

Hi :) I'm updating my blog instead of studying for my first final tomorrow x.x I'm getting tired too, so I'll probably go to bed after this. :x

I bought a Groupon for a four course dessert tasting for four at the end of the summer for a place called Finale and it was the last day today so I had to use it up :o If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already saw all of these :P

First course:
Chocolate covered strawberries
They weren't that sweet, but it wasn't bad either. Turns out they cost $27...holy crap. Imagine all the boxes of strawberries I can buy with that! Then again it's like $4-5 at Godiva for one.

Second course: 
Right: Manjari Mousse | Left: Boston Cream
I thought these two were pretty good :) The Manjari Mousse came with a blackberry cabernet sorbet which I thought was a nice addition. These were tiny though, like 1" in diameter. The Boston Cream came with a vanilla gelato sandwich. 
 Top: Pumkin Cheesecake | Bottom: Apricot Cherry Bread Pudding
Didn't try either of these, but they looked nice. 

Third course:
 Strawberry sorbet
The cups were white chocolate but for some reason it tasted like hard caramel. Didn't really like it so much.

Fourth course:
Chocolate Bliss (for two)
I wasn't expecting so many things x.x My favorite was the molten lava cake in the middle. We couldn't finish it..this gentleman came over and chatted with us for a bit and when we left, he made me feel bad about wasting the leftovers because we didn't pack it up either ;(
 Top: Apple Alamode | Bottom: Tiramisu
Didn't really try these either except the tiramisu, which was pretty good. It was like wrapped in some weird layer though.

 The bill...I didn't remember how much the Groupon was worth since it wasn't one of those spend $XX deals, so I was surprised when I saw the check. I definitely wouldn't pay $110+tip for all that :o eating so much dessert made us all sick of desserts lmao.

Afterwards, we went to get normal food :x
Assorted seafood ramen
You can't even see the noodles, but it was so good! :x It looked like packaged ramen at first, but it tasted like authentic (as far as I know) ramen. There wasn't that much seafood though.. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Black Friday Shopping Pt. 2

Here's part two of Black Friday. Took a while, but yeah...
Theory: Juin | Rue21: Hello Kitty Tee

Theory was giving out gifts for the first hundred purchases. Women get a tee and men got either a tie or a bow. It's appalling that the shirt retails for $75...it's really soft though @__@ I also bought a matching shirt with a friend, who tagged along. 

Our last stop at the outlets was Swarovski. I came out with two things thanks to the wonderful boyfriend<333
Hello Kitty Pink Bow Pierced Earrings
Hello Kitty Pink Bow Necklace

We left at 5:00 to go to Best Buy. I bought a laptop for my dad. Mine is being sent in for repairs right now...I wish I could just steal his laptop lol. Target was also across the plaza, so I dropped by because I had some things I wanted to pick up. I went earlier that night at 9:00PM, but they weren't open until 1:00AM. -__-

Target buys:
I admit that half of this is just guilty spending, but the gift tags/stickers are ADORABLE. I would buy more except I don't think I'll ever get to use them. Or even bear to use them.

Last stop: iHop
By the time we left iHop, I was starting to crash.. it was around 7:30AM and I guess I just got so tired I was falling asleep in the car xD I got home about an hour later, went to sleep and woke up at 4:30PM.

Here are some bonus photos:
 I thought this polish was pretty cool.. I took the brush out and couldn't really tell how it worked though, but I Google imaged it and it's supposed to do like a marble effect? This is from Rue 21.
Stuff I tried on but didn't purchase.
1) Theory Nichele (navy) - this one actually came in my size :T But I didn't want navy just yet...sigh
2) Ann Taylor shirt - I thought of getting it but ultimately it was sorta plain and I had something similar.
3) Anna Taylor blazer - Good thing I didn't buy it... I know nothing about the fit of blazers, but it was just so boxy so I couldn't bear to buy it. I might've if I didn't find anything at Theory just because I didn't know any better.

Zoya: Rory

Zoya Rory is from this summer's Surf Collection. 

The coloring looks pretty different in each of the photo, but you can kind of get an idea of its color.
Zoya Rory (2 coats + top coat)

Application: Very easy! The polish applied well and I only need 2 coats for full opacity.

Color: It's like a magenta color. I was actually kinda disappointed by the color because it seemed more light pink on swatches online, but not in person. 
I started getting tip wear maybe 2-3 days in, so I was a bit disappointed. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Essie: Where's My Chauffeur?

I've been looking all over for Where's My Chauffeur? after seeing it a lot on Instagram. It was was either constantly sold out or not available at all. Luckily the boyfriend found it for me and picked it up. YAY thanks <3 

I know that this color is being compared a lot to China Glaze For Audrey, and from what I've gathered they're not dupes at all. For Audrey is greener and a bit dustier looking, whereas Where's my Chauffeur is more blue. I haven't done a direct comparison yet, but I'm pretty sure what I've been reading is accurate.

More phone photos because I still don't have my memory card.
Where's My Chauffeur? 3 coats + top coat

Application: It was just like any polish. It took three coats for opacity, maybe 2 if you use thicker coats.

Color: It's a very nice robin egg blue. It dried slightly darker than the bottle.

I don't really have much to say about this polish LOL but it's a very nice color. I dunno why but I really wanted it but now that I have it, I don't feel as excited about the color anymore. Don't get me wrong because I do think it's a very pretty color. I haven't used For Audrey in a while, so I can't really say which one I'd pick out of the two. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

American Apparel: Poppy

One of my first American Apparel polishes! I also picked up Hunter at the same time, which I haven't gotten to use yet. 

I forgot my SD card at home, so you'll have to make do with my phone pictures.
Poppy - three coats + top coat

Application: The polish was a bit to the runnier side, but it wasn't bad at all because it made the application really smooth! The two coats were kinda streaky because I didn't do really thick coat, but it evened out by the third coat. They're advertised to be opaque with one coat, but I think that's only if you do a really thick coat (which I didn't do)

Color: Very bright and fun! I don't really know how to describe the color.. it's not quite red, orange, or coral. Maybe it's like a combination of all of them. But either way, I feel like Poppy is such a fitting name for it. It's definitely screams spring or summer though. 

Overall, I think I'm going to really like American Apparel polishes after this experience, but the main thing that bothers me is that the color separates too much in the bottle. I'm lucky to pick up two bottles that didn't have this problem (yet), but the rest of the ones in the store were so separated that it's kind of gross and shaking it doesn't really seem to help either.