Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Morning...

I woke up around 9:00AM feeling nauseous so I just laid in bed hoping it'll pass but probably like two minutes later I couldn't keep awake the feelings of wanting to puke. And I did in my room :( I couldn't hold it in and it was just sorta gross but not really since I didn't even have that much to regurgitate anyways. After that I just avoided drinking water because even though I feel like it'll make it better, I feel like it'll trigger it to come back or maybe I'll puke out water, I don't know. I went back to bed after that though :X

I picked up mail and I received my Target Beauty Bag. It's the last one that they're offering, and I'm sort of disappointed. There's many samples, which is great, but I personally prefer bottled samples even if they are tiny. They're just more visually appealing.\
*SOHO leopard print bag
*Pixi flawless beauty primer
*Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care shampoo & conditioner
*L'oreal Evercreme sulfate-free moisture system shampoo, conditioner, & deep nourishing masque
*Target beauty coupon book
*Fekkai Glossing shampoo & conditioner
*Jergens Daily Moisture lotion

And here's my first OOTD (I think?)
Dress: Forever21; Tights: Walmart; Booties: Delia's

I can't wait until tomorrow is over. I have a paper to write and a long, confusing assignment to do.

I'll end with a care package that I received from this mentoring program that I'm a part of.

Hurricane Sandy pt. 2!

The hurricane wasn't too bad in my area, I supposed somewhere around 11:00AM-4:00PM the wind was really strong though and it was like making a lot of noise outside. The rain wasn't too bad, at least not while I was out. I went to pick up food and to return to my dorm and it wasn't that bad.. it was sprinkling at most.

I'm fortunate to say that my house and dorm didn't have any power outages or anything. I've seen photos where there's like floods on the streets and stories about trees being knocked down and I'm sure it's much worse in other states.

I've been staying home and making charms, but I haven't really had many ideas. I still have a post drafted from six months ago about my charms that I never got to finish. I've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender because I have nothing else to do and I wanted to finish it since I think I sort of skipped around episodes when I used to watch it back when it was still aired and I want to watch The Legend of Korra eventually and I sort of want to watch the prequel first. So far I just finished the first season...so two more to go :D

Leaves were all over the streets since they were blown off. 

My school canceled morning classes...but I don't have any so I still have all my classes. But I don't have my morning shift of work since that got canceled.

The weather is calm and fine right now, but supposedly it's supposed to get worse tonight... doesn't seem like it but who knows.

Anyways, I hope everyone is safe! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love & Beauty: Peach

100th post!! For the past few weeks I was hoping that I'd have a special post for this one, but there hasn't been anything important going on lately, so all I have is a swatch. But I just wanted to say thanks to all my readers who have been supporting my blog :)

Last week I picked up a few new nail polishes and one of them is Peach from Forever 21's Love & Beauty collection. They really should start coming up with better names or at least code them because aside from the lack of creativity, I'm pretty sure they use the same names for different polishes.
Love & Beauty Peach; three coats

I think peach is a suitable name for the color though. It's a very pretty, warm color with golden and green shimmers that gives it the extra touch. I'm a bit disappointed with how sheer it is though. I used three coats and you can still see my nail line. It's less noticeable in person though, but it's still there. I'm sure it can be opaque with more coats or thicker ones (I tend to apply with thinner coats) and my friend used it over a gray or taupe polish and it looked nice, so I'll definitely keep this one in mind for layering. 

I didn't have a problem with the formula and I loved the color. Definitely a polish that you should add to your collection! 

Hurricane Sandy; No Classes // New Buys

Classes are canceled for me tomorrow :o Hurricane Sandy has been making its way here, so the school has decided to cancel classes. I don't think I've every really experienced a hurricane before, but it sounds like it'll just be storm with strong wind and heavy rains, unless I'm underestimating the severity of it. 

Oh a side note, today's the last day that Six Flags is open to for the season, and because of the hurricane I couldn't go :( I bought a season pass, but I never got to use it. 

I spent the Sunday relaxing at home all day. I've been watching Glee this past month and I'm proud to say that I'm caught up :D I'm also almost caught up with Gossip Girl, just one episode behind. And lastly, I'm excited to get started on Nikita again. 

Moving on, right now American Eagle is offering 40% off clearance + 15% off (not sure if this is expired) +  free shipping. I took the chance to order some stuff last week since I haven't ordered from them in a while. 
Navy chiffon poet blouse & Neon pink skinny jeans

I like the shirt, but something about it doesn't look right on me. I don't think the color looks right on me even though a lot of my clothes are navy. I also like the jeans. They're actually neon pink and not orange-y like in the photo. But it's a tad tight pulling it up, so I'm hoping maybe it can stretch out after a few wears, but I'm not sure if I want to take the chances in case that doesn't work out. So I have these two that I'm debating on whether or not to keep.. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not My Week :(

Quick post;

The week hasn't even ended yet and it already feels terrible. I mean things are like that depressing but there's like these little things everyday that gets to you.

Tuesday I had a math quiz and it was like the easiest thing ever, except I was careless and couldn't spot that I was doing it wrong. And I had JUST done the same exact problem 10 minutes prior to taking the quiz. (It's only one problem long.)

Yesterday I found out that my laptop is like breaking apart literally. I've noticed that the plug for my charger has been slipping off a lot lately and I finally figured out why when I piece of my laptop fell off.
Now there's like this giant looking hole in my laptop. It's more like 1.5" long though, keeping in mind that the Ethernet jack already had a hole... but you can see it like bulging out already, so I dunno. It's just the start of it breaking apart and the thing is I just got this laptop a bit less than 2 months ago before school started too :\ Feels like I wasted money and should've just went with the other options that I was considering.

This morning I just missed the van to get to my work. We get picked up in the mornings so yeah.. I texted the driver that I was running late. And I actually got there probably less than 5 minutes after she did too. Right before I got off the bus to the location to get picked up she pulled away and left cuz she though I was in the van already... -___-

Not the best way to start my morning. Now I'm awake at like 8:00AM for no reason and too lazy to head back to my dorm since it's an annoying commute. I don't even have class until 12:30PM so yeah... :\

Last but not least I feel like I'm catching a cold again. I need those little tissue packs, not sure where all mine when since last time I bought them I went crazy and stocked up. But yeah I've been miserable with a runny nose for the past few days. For the past two months, I've been getting sorta sick on and off where I'd have either a runny nose or or a sore throat that just goes away after a few days.

Anyways, done with my rant.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Forever21 Haul; 50% Off Clearance

I recently received a package from Forever21 for the stuff I ordered. In the beginning I was browsing through the shorts that were on clearance because they had 50% off clearance some weeks ago, but then I ended up looking at the dresses and found a few that I liked..and since I don't really have any dresses, I used this opportunity to expand my (non-existing) collection.

I'll start off with the dresses:
Strapless Peplum Dress (Nude) $22.80 

Pros: Pretty cheap for a peplum dress. The material was nice and stretchy and it was a very pretty peach color. Overall I liked the design.

Cons: Personally, the bust area was just too big and I'd be worried about it slipping down all the time. Not to mention for some reason it made my thighs sort of stick out..literally. I've seen photos of someone else wearing the dress and it seemed fine.

Body-Conscious Ottoman Dress (Coral) $12.50
Pros: I guess it looked nice on.

Cons: I preferred the stock photo a lot more, so I was disappointed when I got this one. I wasn't wasn't expecting the dressed to have like a rigid(?) texture. It did look similar to the stock photo once it's on though. However, it's pretty tight and it emphasizes your stomach fat. I'd recommend it to those with flat stomachs. 

I ended up returning both of these dresses.

Peplum Dress (Cream/Black) $19.80
Pros: I loveee the lace. The peplum helps with hiding any stomach fat you may have. It's also padded.

Cons: It's a bit short and it does slip down a bit, but not to the point where you'll flash everyone, just enough so that it looks like your chest is lower than it should be.

Polka Dot Knit Dress w/Belt (Black/Cream) $14.90
Pros: It's loose feeling, so not too tight. The peephole in the back is cute and this came with its own belt.

Con: It's very thing, so not the ideal dress on a cold day. The top portion is also like big/loose, but that's just the style of it, so if you want something that's more fitted, then.. this isn't the dress for you.

Shorts; They were the only things that were on clearance, and I'm so happy to be able to snag these for less than $5 per pair. Luckily they all fit too, because it was final sale. The red/mustard one came with a lacy belt, which I find cute. And even though the photo looks yellow, the shorts are def a mustard color. Too bad it's getting too chilly for shorts, but def when summer comes again next year.
Needed more tanks... yeah boring lol.

Okay that's all for this haul :) Sorta drilled a hole into my wallet, but I'll live. 

Sunday Fun

Today was a nice, relaxing day. Too bad tomorrow I have another week of class and work to deal with :X 

So today I slept in until about 1:30PM and watched a bit of Glee. I never watched it until this month, so I'm way behind. I just finished the second season though, so one more season to go! =) After eating, I headed out to grab run some errands. I went to L'Occitaine to grab my free (peony) hand cream. I know it's only 30mL but it's sooo tiny. Better than nothing I guess.
Grabbed this from Lindt. They're running a bunch of promotions in stores right now. This was buy one get one free so my boyfriend and I both got one. They look so good..I can't wait to try the tiramisu one! I might just do that after I'm done with this post ;)

Afterwards, I went to Victoria's Secret to pick up a NFL PINK dog!!
If I could get all 32 team's dog, I would, but I guess I'll settle for the Patriot's dog. It's pretty cool how it's an officially licensed product too xD They're running the promo from now until 10/24 that if you purchase any team gear, then you can get a dog for $5. Luckily I had a $10 coupon, so I guess it was worth it :x They better not start charging for dogs for their future promos. or I'll be sad :\

Went to Walmart to grab some tights since I heard they were a lot cheaper there. Not really a big fan of sheer ones.. they're more like pantyhose, so instead of stocking up on those, I grabbed other opaque ones. Wonder which one I'll like the most :x Also needed socks for flats, hopefully they're not going to show through D: especially since I got black it's more noticeable. And founds socks... the only reason why I have to go do laundry is because I run out of socks lmao I have no idea what happened to all of mine.

I went to Dave & Buster's after Walmart. It was a pretty successful night. Won 1616 tickets with 161 points... :o The first game I tried, I hit a jackpot of 1000 tickets :)
Also came home with these babies. :D The guy restocking the a claw machine at another place gave me the Batman :) Last time he gave me the Cut the Rope character :D!! From the claw machines at D&B my boyfriend won a white and pink bear. Lastly we won this character from The Walking Dead. The maggot on its forehead disturbs me :X

To end the night, the boyfriend and I went to go eat at Fox & Hounds. It's my first time there and I can't say I was a big fan =X Maybe the other dishes are better. 
Littleneck clams; they were good, but I wasn't a big fan of the sauce.. it was too sour for my taste.
Lobster ravioli w/shrimp. Sounds amazing right? :o It only came with four raviolis, but it was huge. I wish they were smaller. And I was hoping for chunks of lobster on the inside, but I couldn't really taste it at all. 

Well, that's all :) As soon as I got back I had to turn in an assignment. It only took like five minutes to do though. Now I have to read... booooo. :( Well until next time!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

China Glaze: Luxe and Lush

Today I have for you China Glaze's Luxe and Lush from their Capitol Games Hunger Games collection. Banny this one's for you :)

I paired it with this unnamed gold polish that I got in a set from this post.  

If I remember correctly, I used three coats of the gold polish and two of Luxe and Lush. I know my camera didn't capture the effects that well, but it glistened in gold/yellow and green at certain angles so it was really pretty. 

Removing it wasn't that bad either. You just have to rub a bit and it comes right off, definitely easier to remove than glitter.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed! I have some other haul posts that I'll have up soon :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

RadioShack's Protection Plan is Nothing but a Ripoff

Just as the title says, if you ever plan on purchasing your phone from RadioShack, go ahead, but I'd suggest you not to go with their protection plan. Long story short they lie about the services they provide and the plan is useless 85% of the time when you actually need it. Just save your money.

February 2011
I purchased my phone in in February last year. At that time, the sales associate explained to me how the protection plan basically covers EVERYTHING for me, except theft or loss of course. They even told me that water damage was included. And supposedly, if I ever had any problems, just bring it into the store and they'll give me a new one. So for $100 I decided to get it.

Summer 2011
My phone was acting up and my wifi pretty much stopped working. I don't remember why, but I ended up getting a replacement from my carrier since I was still under the warranty. During this time I did pop into a RadioShack to ask about my phone/the protection plan and they basically told me that I should've just went to RadioShack first and they would've just replaced it for me right there and then.

Earlier this year
I don't remember what was wrong with my phone, but I had it sent in. Anyways, basically at this point, I found out that my plan does not cover any of those things that the aforementioned sale associate told me. It doesn't cover water damage, physical damage (apparently), or anything that I would need it for basically, except hardware issues. Well..first of all, the guy told me that it basically covers everything, even if wears and tears if I just wanted to replace it just for that alone. At this point I had the option of prorating it and getting about $50 back, and I just felt so ripped off already, but I decided to keep it anyways, in case I do encounter any hardware issues.

September 2012
The screen of my phone basically went crazy and I couldn't use it at all. For about a month or two, the screen would freeze up or spazz out and I'd have to lock and unlock it to get it back to work. After a while the colors just got so distorted and the phone became useless. I had it sent in. They sent it back. No problems with their service plan at this point.

October 2012
Basically now. I sent my phone in because I had two problems.
1) For some reason after getting my phone back, the top part of my touch screen stopped working. It did get annoying because there were a lot of things I couldn't do since the screen wouldn't respond there.
2) Dust got into my front camera some months ago and I forgot to mention it the last time I sent it in. Since I figured that they covered wears and tears and such, this should be no problem for me.

Far from it. I just got my phone back today and basically they did nothing to fix it because they said that it's beyond repairable/not covered under the plan. They said refused to fix it because they said that there's physical damage and said there's a crack on the screen. There is no crack on my screen at all. I admit there's a scratch on the surface of my screen, but it's not even a deep one. And this scratch was from a month or two ago, when the dust has been sitting there for the past half a year. And even if there was a crack, I'm not asking them to fix it. It has nothing to do with my problem.

I argued that there clearly isn't a crack on my phone, and he said that they have pictures on file that showed that there are cracks..wtf? And when I asked him to email it over, he couldn't do it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. My phone was sent back without its battery -__- But I'll give them credit for sending me a check to buy a new battery excluding shipping costs.

Just for the record, here's my phone. Crack-free.

Bottom line is that you can do so much more with that $100. I could've done so much more. If they had just come right out with what they actually offered in their plan then I wouldn't be so frustrated. I'll give them credit where it's due, but it still doesn't change the fact that they're liars about the services that they provide. Not to mention they don't own up to their responsibilities and dare to say that I have a crack on my screen when it's in my hands and I should know better. They can't even send me the picture that they have. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a picture of someone else's cracked phone.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Worst Stomach Cramp x__x

Last night for some reason my stomach just started cramping at like 6 in the morning :\ And I would just wake up like every hour because of it and like.. it was awful just laying down cuz it would hurt so much :( Finally after a few hours I took some ibuprofen and fell asleep and the pain went away sort of that. Sigh I don't know why it took me 5 hours before I finally decided to take the painkiller -__- But either way I'm fine now :D I hope nothing's wrong.. and maybe just the stomach flu or something. But I thought stomach flus involved more of a loss in appetite, so I have no idea. :x

This week is going to be busyy. T__T I have an outline/draft due tomorrow and I have no idea what to write...mainly because I have no idea what the readings that I'm using are about. And I have another history paper due this Thursday :\ This time it's seven pages long (vs five last time, which I BARELY made) so good luck to me on that :\ 

I did my nails last night but I left my memory card at home :x So I can't take any decent pics x__x 

Anyways, I'll update again next time whenever I can :D

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nail Mail

I actually got this package a month ago, but never got the chance to edit the photos until last week at home :x And then I went back to school before uploading it, so here it is now!
China Glaze: Fairy Dust & Luxe and Lush | Color Club: Covered in Diamonds & Diamond Drops
Rare and Radiant | Coconut Kiss | Devotion
Emotion | Cherish | Devotion (again)
Nail Tek Foundation II & Intensive Therapy II

Here are close up shots:

Lately I've been very into buying flaky sorta top coats such as Luxe and Lush and Covered in Diamonds, but I have no idea what it'll look nice paired with. I feel like it'll look bad with frosty/shimmery polishes. At the same time, the only creme polishes I have on me are light-colored, so it kinda blends in too much. 

I've been using Nail Tek whenever I paint my nails lately, but there's still been a lot of splits.. and my nails are getting yellow ;x eww.

Anyways, that's all for now. I've been eyeing a couple of OPI polishes from their Skyfall Collection... so hoping to add them to my collection! But they're pretty expensive lol.. and I've been spending too much money lately, so I've been trying to restrain my spending.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Today's Tiny Nail Haul

Finally a post that's not super late lol. I bought some polishes today and yesterday; the whole haul was for less than $4
Sally Hansen: I Pink I Can ($2.43) | Orly: Be Brave ($2.99) | China Glaze: Deviantly Daring & No Plain Jane $1.65 each

I had a $5 coupon for Sally's that I used so it knocked my total down to about $1.50.

All shades from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line are on clearance at Walgreens for $2.29. It might be less depending on your area. I went to two Walgreens and they were basically all gone and I Pink I Can was the best that I could do.

Orly Be Brave is from the Flash Glam FX collection that came out a few months ago. I like string glitters, so I'm happy :) I think this is my first one too so I definitely need to work on that. I think they look better in the bottle than on the nail though.

Both China Glaze polishes are from the Bohemian collection that just came out recently, so I'm happy to be able to snag them for cheap :) I already have Rare and Radiant, so now I have half the collection :D Too bad  Sally's didn't have the rest of the collection.

Here are close up shots:

Depending how motivated I am, I'll probably be putting No Plain Jane on in a bit :) Hopefully I can get shots of the swatch. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

My First Butter London Polishes

I've seen quite a number of Butter London lately.. well it's not like they're new, but I just never heard of the brand prior to this year since I wasn't much of a nail junkie. Anyways, on they had a deal on Coterie where you can buy 3 polishes (out of 6 choices) and 1 top coat (matte or glossy) for $36. There was a $25 coupon, so it knocked the total down to $11+$4.99 shipping for a $60 value :D
Before I chose the colors, I searched for swatches and all of them were absolutely gorgeous so it was hard to decide -__- But here are my picks in the end!
Bluey | Knackered | All Hail the Queen | Matte Finish Shine Free Top Coat
I actually used to think the shape of the polish was more square.. so I was surprised at how flat they were lol. But yeah anyways.. the colors are so pretty!! I've already used All Hail the Queen and it's really pretty :) Unfortunately, I never got the chance to take photos, and it already has tip wear/chips, so... it's not presentable :(