Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maine Weekend

After months of anticipation, I finally went on my trip to Maine \(^_^)/ There were some last issues regarding getting there, but it all worked out in the end. It was a trip with five other friends (+other acquaintances and those we don't know) at Point Sebago Resort

I didn't think I needed to charge my camera's battery so I didn't and when I got there I realized it was dying. I only got to snap four photos before it died :( Almost everything is taken with my iPhone. 

Since my sleeping schedule was kind of messed up, I didn't get to sleep the night before except in the car. When we were almost there, we stopped by for lunch...and of course Maine means lobster!
Lobster roll from Bob's Seafood
It was super fresh and tasted like the sea, so much it was kind of overwhelming. It was about $12 so I think that's cheaper than what I'm used to seeing ^^

I was with one of my friends for the most part because the rest of the group was getting there quite a bit later, so we took the time to explore the place.
Cabin 167 I was actually expecting a bigger place more like an actual house, so it was kinda disappointing, but it was enough to fit all of us, so.. whatever.
One of the beaches.. the water was green everywhere for the most part. 
Trying to be artsy.. maybe if I photoshopped in a ray of light it'll look like an enchanted forest
Matching(ish) photos

So after exploring we got dinner. It wasn't really that good, kinda bland, but I quite liked the chicken. Wasn't too hungry though. After dinner we went exploring again and the sun was starting to go down (but it was still quite bright out) and this one part of the place was so pretty. I couldn't even capture it well on camera and it was something you just had to see in person.
The color was like 50000x more vivid in person
That night some of the other groups had set up a campfire and there was lots of food and people gathered. When we headed back to our cabin, all of us pretty much ended up staying up the night. I didn't even get to sleep til like 10AM the next day wtf. 
Snail in the campfire :o
Saw some ducks on the way to breakfast and I quite like the quality of the photo esp considering it's taken with my phone :D

After breakfast I KO'd and I didn't even wake up until like almost 5:00PM or something because I was woken up for dinner.
Only highlight of dinner was the lobster and maybe the nuggets which were like McDonald's but crispier.
Forced everyone to play bingo with me because I didn't get to do anything cuz left me sleeping and all went canoeing wtf. Okay maybe I wouldn't wake up but that's besides the point. One of our friends won though bingo though yay. It took almost two hours for ten rounds and we rushed to go ziplining, but it turns out it was canceled because of the weather. It was (apparently) raining the whole day or something like that.

At night time there was another campfire and after that we played with sparklers, which I got at Wal-Mart. We bought way too many because at some point I felt like I was forcing myself to use them and I still have a lot that I brought home. Should've went with the smaller package but though we would need this many.
Most of us parted ways because we had different rides. We left around 11:00AM because that's when checkout was. Went on a detour though and stopped by Ogunquit. I ended up staying up again until 5:00AM or something so each time I was in the car I KO'd. It was quite uncomfortable waking up because I was super sore. 

Anyways, we dropped by a restaurant/spa place called The Cliff for lunch. I have no complaints on the food and service. The food wasn't superb but it was yummy :) Just the entrees took forever to I dunno at least 15 minutes after they took away our plates for the appetizers.
Blueberry pie made with Maine blueberries. Maybe I just don't appreciate Maine blueberries or something, which is what they're supposed to be known for but I don't think it's anything special. They taste like the ones my high school served or like the frozen ones (but not frozen) that my brother used to buy. I prefer normal blueberries from the supermarket. Our server was raving about how good it was after we found out that they didn't have creme brulee or tiramisu (ran out/change of menu)...or ice cream (broken freezer.)
 Random adorable chipmunk that was near us but I scared it away.

The thing about this place is that is by the sea and it's super scenic and nice to eat outside. Maybe it's popular to celebrate anniversaries there too because two couples did while we were there.

After maybe 10-15 minutes of photo taking of the scenery, we headed home. I heard thundering before we left too even though it still looked nice out. I heard from a friend who was also staying in Maine that there was a thunderstorm. 

It was a relaxing weekend well spent with friends. Wish I participated in more activities, but it's okay, there's next year. Like actually. We already reserved a space. So until next time!! I have nothing to blog about because I haven't even been doing anything. I finally got better after coming back after being sick for two weeks wtf. Who gets a cold in the summer. -_-

Friday, June 28, 2013


Sooo since everyone is doing the move, I thought I would too. I don't think I use google reader, persay, I usually just go on to read everything, but it's too confusing -shrug- Anyways, 
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Milky Blue Pastel

It's been a month since my last nail post. I stopped by a Walmart during my Maine trip for some bug spray and remembered to check out the nail polish hoping to find Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional, and found the polishes on the wall :D I couldn't find any in the Walmart nearby. 
Hard Candy Sweet Tooth (1 coat) over Revlon Blue Lagoon (2-3 coats) + Seche
(Excuse the mess from the application..I'm no good at cleaning up, so I don't bother ^^;)

I didn't want my nails to be overwhelming with glitter, so I used a light blue base and added one coat of Sweet Tooth. It seemed a bit thick, but overall I didn't have an issue with it. No need to fish for glitter either. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Going Blonde!!

This is a pretty belated post since I've already posted some photos of my new hair. But anyways I think I've mentioned this before, if not, if you know me, you'd know that I've been wanting to try going blonde for a while now. Here are the products that I used:
Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener ($19.99) & Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Developer ($5.19)
I saw photos online and in videos where the powder lightener came in a jar so I was a bit hesitant, but I figured it was probably just a different design of the same product. It's a 1lb bottle...and it seems like a lot O_O $20 is quite pricey, but it's more than enough. 
Wella Medium Beige Blonde T27 Toner ($4.79) & Color Charm 20 Volume Developer ($1.99)
So basically it's a 1:2 ratio (toner:developer). I bought two of each just in case I didn't have enough because my hair is pretty long. I was tempted to just get a bottle of a different branded developer because it was slightly cheaper and had more but I decided to play it safe and got Wella's. 

So all this stuff ended up costing me $40..I have no idea how much it'll be if I went to a salon, but probably a fortune given my long hair. 

My first attempt (indoor artificial lighting) on 4/24:
It was a disaster because I put it into my roots a bit later and I guess it just didn't work that well so it was really dark at the top :X I don't remember how it actually looked like but it looks like highlights in the photo lol.

So I redid the top and it was still kinda spotty, like on the sides and somewhere in the back (outdoor lighting):
It was soooo spotty in the back that it was kinda embarrassing to be out in public :X And I had it clipped for the first two days or so and then I didn't care afterwards.

Indoor lighting...omg that gold color was just gross.

Then finally a few weeks later (5/9) I finally bleached it again and then toned it. I couldn't tell if the toner did anything though and if anything it made the bottom half of my hair darker. I had my mom help me rebleach the spotty parts first, but she ended up just applying it to basically the top layer of my hair like.. the first 8-10 inches from the roots, which is why the top ended up a lot lighter than the bottom.

The next day I rebleached everything and toned it and the results were this and it's currently what I have now:
It's kinda like a reverse ombre color though because the top is lighter and transitions darker .__.
Tbh, I don't really know what color my hair is because it's different every other day to me ^^;; But I feel like 75% it's kinda still that golden-orangy color that I don't like.

Whatever color it is, it's not really the color I wanted to achieve, so I'm not sure what to do with my hair next ^^; The only option to get the color I want (which is like an ashy blonde) is to go to a salon because I don't think doing it myself will be good cuz I'll kill my hair more in the process of TRYING to get it (and probably failing again). The blonde this time wasn't what I was expecting at all :( 

But yeah, anyways, salons are expensive and my hair is long, so I don't think it's likely that I can get it done now. BUT if I go back darker and do decide to do it in the future, I feel like it'll just damage my hair trying to lighten it again since it's already light now ._.;; Decisions decisions!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sick Again :(

For the 3-4th time this year I'm miserable from being sick. It started last Sunday when I felt like something coming and then Monday night or something was when it started getting worse. I had a high fever until Wednesday and a really bad sore throat. It would hurt a lot to swallow and drinking tea (w/honey) and taking Tylenol didn't work. But I did find out that I only took one pill instead of two, so that might be why. So I switched to Ibuprofen and that made the pain go away a bit. Thursday it was getting better, with a slight fever and I started coughing. The sore throat was still there but a little better. 

I went to the doctors and she said it was probably just a virus. For now it's just coughing and occasional coughing fits as well as a sore throat, which I've been taking painkillers for. It's not that bad compared to before but still can't stand the pain. 

I hope I get better soon :( Going to Maine next weekend, so I want to get better by then D:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Brother's Commencement

For those of you who do not know, I have an older brother, who just graduated. :o That night/morning was pretty shitty because I was so confused about the scheduling. I asked him a few weeks beforehand what time his graduation was and he told me that there were two. When I asked him which one he'd be in, I never got a response. Fast forward a week before the day of, he sent me a calendar with the schedule where he said his ceremony is at 11:45AM, so I told my workplace that I could only work until 11:00AM. Then the night before, he forwarded me another email that said there's two parts and it starts at 8:30AM. So I was basically like wtf because I had work at 7:15AM. 

I tried calling my boss to let him know that I couldn't come in..and keep in mind that this was like 1:30AM when I found out. I emailed him, but no response. I called him again at like.. 5:00AM and left a voicemail and he finally emailed me back almost promptly. Turns out that I didn't address the email to him because I hit reply instead of reply all. But I was able to work it out and took the day off. Half an hour later, my brother messages me rudely telling me that he had already told me what time it was before and blamed me for not knowing and then told me that I didn't have to go to the first part if I didn't want to.

At this point I was just angry that he couldn't even tell me what time it was and I went through the trouble of taking the day off to something that wasn't even that important. And I didn't want to tell my boss at this point nevermind, turns out that I can work afterall because there had already been some previous confusion on what day it was that I had to leave early and I didn't want to add to that. 

Turns out in the end we didn't even go to the first part. -_-

Anyways, now the actual thing. We were running a bit late and got there probably around 12:00PM, so about 15 minutes late. I had to make a run to the restroom and right when I got through the door to the courtyard where the diploma ceremony was held, my brother was called. So I almost missed it lol.

When that was finally over, we had lunch. It was $15 for this, wtf:

We basically left after that, even though there was more. I played a bit of poker and League of Legends before heading out to dinner. Here's the photo spam of food <3 It was actually pretty mediocre, but not bad. We ordered a lot, so I'm surprised that we finished most of it. 
We went to drop my brother off to his dorm after dinner, and they decided to bring some things home while they were there. I completely knocked out in the car waiting for them, and as soon as I got home, I went to my room and slept some more.