Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wet n Wild Spoiled: Shrimp on the Barbie

Shrimp on the Barbie is a very pretty polish that I picked up a while ago but never got to use. 
Phone photos so you can see the gold:
Application: It was easy to apply, but I needed like 4-5 coats to try to get it to be opaque and even then you can sorta see visible nail line. It wasn't streaky or anything.
Color: It's like a pink-coral base with gold glass flecks. The gold is pretty prominent. I'd say the pink is more like the first photo, but maybe slightly lighter. It's not as pink as the last two photos, as it is kinda orange-y too. It applies a bit less pink than the bottle.
Overall: It's a very pretty polish, but the downfall might be its downfall. I'm not too good with choosing base colors with sheer polishes, so if you have any suggestions. ;o

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Urban Outfitters & Forever 21 Haul

Last week I went shopping on my birthday and picked up a few things ^^ I swear I've been shopping too much this past year D:

I tried to include links to everything I got. I found most of it online, but some of them were sold out.

Anyways, here are the stuff I picked up at Urban Outfitters. I've never gotten any clothing from them before since I was never able to find anything I like that didn't cost a fortune. They had 50% off sale items and here are my picks
byCORPUS Sleeveless Knit Shirtdress (navy)
My friend paid for this one as my birthday gift so thank you <3
Sparkle & Fade Knit Lace Waist Dress (coral) $14.99
Lucca Couture Lattice Waist Tunic Shirt (orange) $14.99
Hawkings McGill Marled Cardigan (sapphire) $14.99
It's a guy cardigan, but it could work just like a boyfriend cardigan or something.
It's not shiny like how it is online though. It measures 12.5"l, 6.875"w, 10.875"h (according to the site, but I can double check if anyone really wants lol) I'm not a big fan of how wide it is though, reminds me of a bowling bag. But I want more bags.. the only decently sized ones I have are like cloth sorta material T__T; And for $10 I didn't want to make a pass.
Glass heart box (sold out online) $2.49
I honestly don't need this, but thought it was pretty. 

Next up I have some things from Forever 21. I tried on like 15 things and ended up with these.
The shorts aren't crazy expensive, but I was hoping to find something a bit less expensive and was kinda iffy about the material. But I've been wanting high waisted shorts, so.. went for it.
Scuba Knit Skater Skirt (navy) $13.80
I've been wanting a skater skirt too lately (lol, what don't I want?) There also aIt's not like it suffocates me, but maybe I should've gotten a larger size, hmm..I like the material. It's like a thick smooth/silky material similar to a peplum top I got recently.
Measured flat (XS): waist: 11" Length: 15"
Colorblocked Bow Top (navy/cream) $15.80
Another pricey-ish top, but it was cute :( I already have something that has a similar concept with the bow, but I like bows, so ^^;;

Well that's all I have for now! I'm hoping not to buy too much over the summer because I don't have a job and I'm broke D: But it's hard to resist when I find things that I like.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

This year I took my mom out for lunch for Mother's Day. I didn't get her anything though because it's kind of hard shopping for her and it's been a busy week ^^;;
We only ordered three dishes, but it was more than enough for the two of us. We had to pack most of and brought it home.
Frog & bitter melon
Salted spicy seafood stuff (for some reason I suspect some of it is pork, but I'm not sure)
Some sorta veggies

It was actually a pretty expensive lunch, $64 including tips cryy. Next time we probably shouldn't order so much because we never finish, but then there's less variety T__T;;

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

End of My First Year of College

So I survived my first year of university and I'm officially a sophomore now :D!!

Overall, I think I had a decent year. It wasn't horrible where I was miserable being there, but what could've made it better is if I had met more people/gotten closer to them. I haven't found my group of friends in college yet and have been dependent on my high school friends. I want to be able to break away from that.

For example, more people room with someone they know in their sophomore year, but I'll be doing random next year. I kind of feel ashamed when others ask who I'm rooming with because everyone else I know is rooming with their friend. 

After the first year, most people have already found their group of friends and are less likely to want to be your friend. But still, I've met a lot of great people who I really like but the level of friendship isn't quite where I'd like it to be.

Grade-wise I think I did decently, but definitely not where I want to be. My GPA did drop quite a bit second semester so that's kinda disappointing.

Anyways, it's summer now...time for my all-nighters. I wasn't able to find a job/internship for the summer so I'll be bumming around T__T

I still haven't moved out completely yet because I've been sorta busy and lazy :X I have most things home already (and I've been home) but some stuff are still at my dorm.

Anyways, until next time! I definitely have a long birthday post coming up soon :)

I forgot to mention that I managed to escape freshman 15! My weight fluctuated a lot last summer where I did put on some weight but I lost it toward the end of summer/beginning of the semester (not sure when) which is why either I lost weight or stayed the same. But compared to this time last year I'm the same :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Glitter Polishes Added to My Collection

I actually purchased these back in March, but was too lazy to finish the post, so I'll just publish what I have D: 
Revlon: Ritzy || Sally Hansen: Mermaid's Tale | Supernova
Finally after looking for a while I spotted Mermaid's Tale at CVS and they were running a promo for $5 Extrabucks with a $10 purchase, and since the polish was made up a majority of that, I picked up Supernova as well. I feel like my Jordana LA City Lights is already pretty similar to it though, but I had nothing else to get. I saw Ritzy on a display a few months back and didn't get it, but found it on sale too, so picked it up :D

Here are some close ups:
This post was intended to be a nail polish haul entry, so sorry that it's so empty T__T

Papaya Clothing Online Haul + AE Jeans

I placed my order on April 20 and received the package on May 3rd. I guess the theme of the order ended up being blue. 
Colorblocked turtleneck sweater $9.34
Striped shorts $10.99
AE Skinny jeans $17.99
Studded scarf $7.99
I wish the ribbon for the shorts was detachable. I didn't find out that it wasn't until I received it.
I finally found jeans that can fit me :D I've been in a need of more jeans lately and every time I order from AE lately, they don't seem to fit :( 

Diagonal striped shirt w/necklace $10.99
Colorblock oversized top $16.99
I actually meant to order the first top in pink..but I guess I accidentally picked blue -__- 
I was most excited about getting the colorblock top and was hesitant because it was somewhat pricey for a shirt, but I pulled the trigger. I think it probably was the most disappointing article of this order because it just looks awkward on me compared to the modeled photos and probably because it wasn't as expected.

This order took a toll on my already empty wallet. I don't have anything particular against the clothes, but I was a bit disappointed. Whether it's the fabric or how it looks on me. I might not have actually purchased most of these aside from the jeans if I had been able to try them on in person. But I don't hate it that much that I would bother sending it back. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two Finals Down

I took my management and accounting final today. Accounting has me pretty worried >__< I got my management final grade back already and I didn't do as well as I wanted, so I'm a bit worried about how my semester grade will turn out especially since my project grade (which also just got released) was lowered than expected.
Curry goat
I got back from my accounting final at 8:30PM and found out that the dining hall closed at 8:00PM, so it was a debate between eating out or late night..we chose the former. I'm technically on a food ban though in efforts to save money by not eating out. The food ban ends after finals..but I kinda broke it since I still have one more on Thursday T__T

I also tried green milk tea for the first time. Not really a big fan because there's not much taste to it and all I taste is the milk. My friends and I sat around for a while in the bubble tea shop and the cashier approached me telling me that he accidentally shortchanged me by $10 D: I didn't even notice because I didn't pay attention to my change even though I usually do. Since my change was only $10.44, it might've meant that he only gave me $0.44 and I didn't even noticed the rest of it missing, wtf. But I honestly don't remember if that's what actually happened.

Anyways, I have a case study to write due at 5:00PM but I'm too exhausted to get myself working T__T I hope you're enjoying the weeks more than I am! And if you have finals too then good luck~

Monday, May 6, 2013

Essie: Set in Stones & Where's My Chauffeur? Reverse Gradient

After eyeing Set in Stones for a while, I finally got it! It's basically just a silver glitter polish, so I could never justify paying so much when there's probably many dupes out there...but I've yet to find one and I always see nice manis done with it. But alas I got it :D

I don't know if there's an actual term for it (and I might even be using the wrong one) but I did a reverse gradient with Set in Stones, where I basically did the effect from the top down instead of from the tips up. I always thought it looked nice, so I wanted to give it a try too!
Set in Stones (2-3 coats) over Where My Chauffeur (3 coats) + top coat

Wish I had better quality photos! I couldn't really get it to focus properly and there was the glare too. 

Iron Man 3

Has anyone watched Iron Man 3 yet? It came out this past Friday, and it feels like everyone already watched it ^^
I went to watch it on Sunday with a friend. I liked it overall, but the ending was a bit disappointing for two different reasons. I won't say it so I don't spoil it, but if you watched it then you probably know what I mean. 

When I came back, I realized that I misread a date for one of my finals and it's actually tomorrow instead of I'm panicking about the two finals I have for tomorrow because I haven't done any studying (and still procrastinating, typical) so wish me luck ^^;; My grades really depend on these finals because they'll determine whether I'm still qualified to be considered for the honors program that I applied for earlier this semester. (There's a GPA requirement.) 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Socks, Socks, & More Socks

My mom recently came back from her trip to China and I asked her to get me some stuff. Most of it ended up being socks though..
The only thing I asked for were tights, and you can't see it, but they all come in different subtle designs :D After a while I realized that it's probably cheaper to get the sock liners there so I asked for that...and she also told me about how she got normal socks too so I was like sure why not since I need more variety in socks.
She also brought back a bunch of phone cases back. Half of them are pretty plain and the other half have like the cover and card slots. The one I'm using now isn't pictured :X She also brought back a bunch of umbrellas and those were my picks. 
The PJs are pretty cute. And one of my relatives gave her some clothing to bring back and she didn't really know what to do with them so I offered to take them. I don't think I can actually see myself wearing them though.
 Took this for the lulz. Those are the boxes that jewelry come in from the shop. But the thing is she didn't buy nearly as many boxes as she got LOL hoarder.

But yeah...all the socks were kinda overwhelming as weird as that sounds. But I'm not complaining :D

I have finals coming up next week so I have to get to studying..but I'm not -__-

Anyways, until next time!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Liebster Award #2

This is my second time being nominated for this award so thank you Jenni for nominating me!

It's blogging award for those who have less than 200 followers.
Here are some rules once you've accepted the award:

1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
6. No tag-backs!

1. I can usually last the day without drinking much.
2. I collect crisp bills and international money.
3. I bought a bookshelf from IKEA when I moved into my current house..but I store other things in there and there aren't any books.
4. I enjoy reading manga
5. Some people think I'm Hello Kitty-obsessed, but I swear I'm not
6. I'm allergic to pollen, so every spring, I'm like dying
7. I only started getting into nail polish about two years ago'
8. I can be forgetful sometimes, but a lot of times I can remember the smallest things that it feels creepy
9. I actually don't even dye my hair as often as people think, which is why I'm sorta offended when people say I dye it too much. I don't think once every 6-9 month is a lot.
10. It has rained every year on my birthday for the past five years..waiting to see how it'll turn out this year
11. I do get defensive easily when I feel offended.

1. When is your birthdate and where were you born?
I was born in Massachusetts on May 16.
2. What is your favourite food?
Ramen and curry
3. Do you have a special someone in your life right now?
Significant other, no. But My friends and family are special of course :)
4. How would you describe your personality?
I'm definitely an introvert, so I can be shy with strangers but once there's a connection I'm pretty open and talkative. I think I have a bit of OCD, as I have weird habits and tendencies. I can be very passive aggressive.
5. What's on your bed right now?
I have three beds; 
Top bunk: Has all my "important" plushes and pillows. 
Bottom bunk: I only have my blanket and pillow on my bottom bunk
Dorm: Pillow, blanket, Pinky
6. What is your sleeping schedule like?
That's funny lol. It's pretty messed up. I normally get like 3-4 hours a sleep a night because I always end up going to bed at like 3AM even when I have nothing important to do and I have to wake up at 7:30-8:30 depending on the day for work/class.
7. What is your favourite thing to do?
Sleep and eat -__-
8. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?
Probably somewhere outside the country because I wanna travel :O
9. What is the last book you read?
I don't even remember the last time I finished a book :X It was probably a book I skimmed through for my writing class.
10. What is your favourite song right now?
I like Mirrors by Justin Timberlake and Heart Attack by Demi Lovato.
11. Post a picture of yourself from today!
Not exactly today...but it was "today" when I was working on this post ^^;; My hair is still a work in progress ^^;; I did it last Tuesday.. as you can see I have like a dark spot on the side T__T;;

1. What kind of phone do you have?
2. What items do you bring out with you at all times?
3. Do you have a job? If so, what do you do?
4. What is one place (or places) that you would like to visit?
5. How did you spend your last birthday?
6. What are your plans for the summer?
7. Do you have any birthmarks? Where?
8. What is your favorite drink?
9. What dish can you cook that you are most proud of?
10. Tell me an embarrassing story.
11. Post a photo of your room

I don't know who to tag D; But I made the questions anyways for anyone who wants to answer them ;3 So comment below or tag yourself :D I'm interested in hearing your responses!