Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First All-Nighter of the Semester

Trying to finish up some work before heading to bed

Last night I went home after work and took a 3 hour nap.. then after that I had to stay up to write my essay for my American Foreign Policy course. The assignment was pretty confusing... well not really. It was pretty direct, but at the same time there were some clarifications that I needed and my professor didn't email until like 10PM the night before it was due.. It was a five page essay and at that point I had one page done :X And turns out that I was writing stuff in the wrong time period (since the assignment never explicitly say I had to write within one) so I basically had to rethink of an argument and start over. 

I hate writing essays, especially for history because it's so hard to stay away from summarizing.. it's history after all. Like I said it was at least a five page essay (1500 words), but mine was more like 4.75 pages (1600 words) so I hope that's not counted against me.. since I made it by the bare minimum and page-wise I didn't even make the cut. On our class syllabus he says he grades by length too, so -__- But I actually didn't get to go to bed like I expected to :( 

Around 7:20AM I was rushing to get it all ready to go to work again and luckily I wasn't late.. there were some technical difficulties with my printer too :( It was SO COLD this morning and all I had was a super thin cardigan and I was waiting outside for the van to pick us up :( We were all late because there was an the back of this huge truck was ripped off or something x__x Errk. A pet peeve is when people I don't know pokes me constantly.. and someone was doing that at work today and it sorta bothered me -__- The said person wasn't doing it on purpose, it was just to get my attention, but I still don't like being touched randomly like that :X

After work I returned to my dorm and had to rush out to meet up with my mentor for lunch. I was running like five minutes late.. and like five minutes after I left my dorm and was already 1/3 of the way to our meeting place, I realized that I left the paper that I printed earlier in my room -__- I put it between my laptop so it wouldn't get bent.. but I didn't bring my laptop to class because it was dying, so go figure ): In the end we had a quick lunch at Panera. I recently discovered their iced green tea and it's so yummy :D It's a shame that they overload on the ice, so I finish the drink in like two minutes :( 

Classes were mehh. I could not focus because at that point I was just so tired.. If you go on my Instagram (user: xlila) or look to the side of my blog, you'd see what I mean. I'm too lazy to upload the photo on my blog right now, so yeah.. my bad that this whole entry is full of text.

The rest of the night was mehh. When I got back after dinner, I just fell asleep for like two hours and has been up since then. I'm about to head to sleep though because it's like 3:00AM... and I have class in the morning :\ Ahh I still have to study for a quiz T__T;;;

Night everyone!! I'll try to post up more pictures in my future entries. I don't remember if I mentioned this previously, but turns out my laptop doesn't have a SD reader and I can't find my camera cord, so it's hard to upload photos. But now that I think about it, I think my netbook has a reader (ironically), so if it does I can just get the files on that and transfer it onto a USB into my laptop.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Week of Classes

Hi! Classes started on Tuesday, so I guess I'll just do a quick post about it. I still have to show you guys my room as soon as I can. My laptop doesn't have an SD card reader, so I need to bring the camera cord to my dorm. I'm dorming for those of you who doesn't know :D

Anyways, Tuesday I only had one class at 12:30, but as soon as I got out of my building it was POURING. So I had to walk 15-20 minutes to class in the rain and by the time I got to class, I was soaked. :( My dorm is pretty far from my classes, so I always have to leave early. 

Wednesdays are my longest days of class. I have class basically back to back from 9:30-5:00 (with one 30 minute break in between) and then I have another seminar from 7:15-8:30... But luckily, two of my discussions didn't start until the week after (aka tomorrow), so I had some breaks in between to get some stuff done. On one occasion I went back to my dorm to drop off some stuff and then went to wait for the shuttle, which comes every 10 minutes, but it skipped one so I ended up having to take the next one another 10 minutes later :\

Thursday wasn't too bad because I only had one class again, and afterwards I went to visit my friends at another school/campus and had poutine :D Which I've been craving for since Canada over half a year ago. 

Friday I had three classes and they weren't bad. I sorta enjoyed it, weird enough. But yeah afterwards I went to work and then spent the night at home. 

Sooo that's the update I have for now :D I need to finish my reading for class tomorrow :\

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Haircut..Bangs!!

(This is actually like a 3 week old post that I drafted)

I haven't had bangs since I was in first grade..and from then forth I started growing them out. But I just wanted to see how they look on me I went for it! I actually wanted side bangs.. but since I was going to cut it down, might as well start with straight bangs.
The before photo was right before I went to get the cut.. and after was straight out of the salon. The after photo looks so dull xD But it's probably just the lighting.

Anyways.. I got a Google Offers deal that was $29 for 2 cuts, wash/blowdry/deep conditioning included. When I made the call to book the appointment I pointed the deal out twice in the beginning and at the end. And after the person was done cutting my hair, I asked about the deep conditioning.. apparently the girl who picked up the call didn't take a note of the deal that I had nor did she take down that I wanted a deep conditioning (the first thing I mentioned when she picked up.) 

My hair stylist didn't offer to make it up to me.. so I spoke up and basically just asked if I could come another time for it. She was like.. when you come for the second cut we'll do it for you.. but my deal gave me a deep conditioning PER cut -__- It wasn't even my fault and I feel that they should've made it up to me, especially after I spoke up. Overall everything was still quite cheap, but it's not what I paid for, so I feel that it's unfair.

So what do you think? I think it suits me.. but compared to before, I think I look better with no bangs. And it makes me look younger :x

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Now that Summer is Over...

Sunday was my matriculation. We basically walked through campus first and then it was speeches and such and then all the freshmen got matriculated :) After that was like this fair for clubs and I signed up to a number of them, and I honestly do want to participate, but I just don't think I'll be able to because with classes and work, I don't even get back until like 9 or so...and none of the meetings are going to take place so late.

My internship ended about a week and a half ago and overall I liked it. The beginning was really hectic but as the weeks passed, everything was really quiet. But everyone I met was nice. One of them even bought mini fruit tarts and cheesecake for me on the last day!

I've already moved into my dorm and settled in.. I've met some people, but most of my floor are still strangers ): Hopefully not for long! Anyways, I'll be updating again soon!