Monday, June 30, 2014

Express Checkout Incident

About half an hour ago, I was waiting behind this lady who was bagging up her items at the express lane. She was taking AGES to do so and I only had three items, so I was planning on just quickly getting my things and go. So I scanned my item and put it through the belt and she grabbed it and threw it back at me. WTF. To her defense, it was rude of me to do that when she wasn't done, but if you think about it, why are you in the express lane with 50 items?! She still had like 20 things unbagged, in addition to her cart that already had some things. 

Worst of all, I didn't call her out for it in the end. I can make excuses for it; she was a lot older than me, so it's disrespectful, it's my fault for being impatient, in hindsight it's not a big deal, didn't want to make a scene, what if she was a psycho bitch, etc. But when it comes down to it, I probably just didn't have the guts to. And it's just more frustrating to let her "get away" with it just because she should be called out for being so rude. Though when I finally did try to speak up before she left, I don't think she heard me.

In those situations is it better defend yourself or just ignore it and let it go?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Cook with Me

Since I have a lot of free time, lately I've been finding myself in the kitchen quite a bit. Like a few times a week, baby steps. Lately there's been more of a desire to learn how to cook, but at the same time I also like being able to say that I don't know how. 

It started off with making Panna Cotta, which didn't come out too well probably because there wasn't enough gelatin mix in it so it was kind of disgusting eating it because of the thought of eating so much heavy cream and whole milk. 

Next...were Summer Rolls/Vietnamese Spring Rolls that ended up kind of bland because I forgot a lot of the ingredients, so it was only vermicelli and shrimp. 

Here are some of the other things I made:
Chicken, Mushroom and Broccoli Alfredo
Chicken, Mushroom and Broccoli Udon
Ehh I know looks kinda gross
Hard over eggs (work in progress); decided that I actually like medium over more
Jalapeno meatball pasta

Haven't really had the chance to make much since, but hopefully I'll have more over the rest of the summer. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Registered for Summer Classes

After over a month of just bumming around, I finally got to registered for my class last night! It's only one course though, because summer classes are so so expensive :( I thought of doing two (which is max) but nah. Looks like I'll finally have something to do, hopefully I do well because stupid teammates screwed my GPA over last semester. :( Class starts next week, kind of excited but once it starts, I'll probably hate it lol. 

Haven't done too much in the past week. I've caught up with Scandal and White Collar, since I had nothing better to do. I also twisted my ankle last week, ow. In the beginning it seemed fine, with very minor discomfort, then two days later it hurt like a bitch, throbbing and being super painful even if I took one step, so I stayed in bed for the most part. Another two days later, it got a lot better and now it's almost all healed up :D 

Anyways, just a short update, so until next time!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Big 20!

I just turned twenty about two weeks ago, and maybe if you're an older reader it's still super young but it's old for now. No more teen years and no more calling anyone who's 20+ old by saying I'm not even in my twenties yet lol. 

I'm happy and thankful to many of my friends who celebrated with me or even those who wished me a happy birthday. 

May 12
Had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with a friend! Also got him to try his first alcoholic drink there...might've created an alcoholic. 
Had a chance to try their garlic bread and Fried Mac and Cheese. One of my professors always talked about how amazing the Mac and Cheese was there and nobody ever wanted to try it with me, but I finally did! It was really yummy and cheesy but a little over-hyped. 
Grill Shrimp and Bacon Club, something else new! It was hugeee and I was only able to eat one half, so I saved the other for the next day.

May 15
The night before/turning into the day of, I went out clubbing with a friend who was leaving because of graduation. It was my friend time, so definitely a new experience and memorable (in different ways) night. 

May 16
That day I slept in until 3:30PM because I went to bed relatively late. I spent the afternoon with two of my high school/college friends, satisfying my banh mi craving and with tons of bubble tea. 
Then at 8:00PM I met up with a friend for that point I was somewhat full so I opted for sushi. After that, I went back to campus to see someone and then went home. It rained this year. 

May 17
The next day, I went to my friend's boyfriend's dorm for a gathering and to cook. We went to the market to buy ingredients but we passed by Chipotle and I had a craving... So I got that as well >< when I got there a few of my other friends were already there to surprise me, and if you're reading this, tbh I wasn't that surprised because someone, ahem, was being super sketch and also the guy at the desk kind of gave it away in the end :P
They got me a peach cake from my favorite Chinese bakery =D

And we finally cooked at 11:00PM and it's one of the only times I cook and it came out pretty well if I do say so myself. 

May 19
So Monday was kind of like a day for me, starting off with brunch at Cafe Luna
Lobster & Avocado Omelette with a side of fruits
Very yummy, but a bit too much avocado for me just because I'm not a big fan of it, but I wanted the lobster lol.

Went to the mall to do some window shopping, and I didn't buy anything.

At the end of the night, we went to The Fat Cat because we were in the area, and I've never tried there before.
Buffalo Chicken Nachos & Lobster Mac and Cheese

The portions were hugeee. I ate maybe 25% of the Mac and Cheese before I got full because I had already been eating quite a bit throughout the day and I ate the nachos too. I took the the leftovers home and ate it over the next two days, but it was just really oily and gross, so I ended up tossing it the second time. Next time I come, I'll definitely only get one thing and share it. They charge extra for sharing though.. ehh. 

But yeah, that concludes everything. Overall, I had a good time. Until next time!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Not sure if I've ever mentioned this before, but I took up fencing last semester because I wanted to try something new and I thought this was something cool to start. On April 5-6th, club nationals were held in Knoxville, Tennessee, so this post will be dedicated to that.

Thursday, April 3
We left campus on Thursday night at 8:30PM, anticipating a 14 ride non-stop, longer to factor in breaks. On the bus ride, we watched Spirited Away, and I did fall asleep in the middle, but for the most part, I guess you can say that I finally watched the movie. The ride wasn't too bad for me because I slept a majority of the way. I finally woke up around 7:30AM or so, so the rest of the time passed by quickly. 

Friday, April 4
We arrived at our hotel around 18 hours later.
For whatever reason, we didn't get food immediately. Instead, we spent time settling in and taking showers. We took a short walk to Calhoun's On the River for late lunch/early dinner and it was super windy that day. I anticipated warm weather there, but it was actually pretty cool and at times chilly for the most part.
Char-grilled shrimp

We spent the rest of the day checking in our equipment and making sure that all the weapons worked properly. I actually went to bed pretty early that day, as we all did, because we had to wake up at 5:45AM the next morning.

Saturday, April 5

The fencing lasted a bit past noon. I didn't fence at all. I was super hungry by then so we went grab lunch and came back to watch the boys fence. Then later I went with the girls from another squad to go look at llamas!!

At night we went to Market Square to look around and grab dinner. We ended up at a restaurant called Tupelo Honey Cafe, which had amazing biscuit and jam. I think I got the Southern Fried Chicken BLT, and it was okay. I think I remember the chicken not being as tender as I was hoping.

Sunday, April 6
Fencing was the same as the day before, and I actually got to fence a little. I actually didn't do well though, so I felt bad :( Overall we did well as a squad and as a school. There was a whole issue with getting to shower and luckily I was able to squeeze in a shower. I probably wasn't too sweaty and nasty compared to everyone else, but still.

We went to Cafe 4 for lunch. While there, I accidentally sassed our server because when we got in, the hostess told us that we'd have to wait before ordering because they were transitioning between breakfast and lunch. After getting seated, our server came and started telling us about the wait, and I just told her "I know" just to save her from explaining it, and I guess it came out a bit offensively because she gave me the dirtiest look back. :( I hope she didn't spit in my food. 
Lobster & bacon flatbread
Went back to watch the boys and everything. With the awards ceremony, it didn't end until around 8:00PM, so we all rushed off to get dinner. My group actually ended up coming back a bit later than our meet up time. It was also then that my allergies started acting up because my eyes were killing me!! So begins another long ride. 

That concludes my trip to Knoxville :) I actually forgot about this draft for a long time D: So yeah, until next time!