Monday, April 22, 2013

Ugg Bailey Button Triplet

I finally got new Uggs after contemplating for a long time yayyy :D! If you don't like Uggs then that's okay lol but they're comfy and warm so...I don't care if people hate it.
I got the Bailey Button Triplet. These are my second pair and I got my first one in the same style. Mine lasted my three winters until they finally died on me after Nemo. I kinda abused it a lot on rain and snow this year :'(
You can see how worn out it is lol. The lighting was a bit weird, but it's black lol. My old ones got pretty faded over time.

Likes: I like that the buttons are cute and give it an extra something compared to the classic style. Another thing is if you have wider calves then these ones should be good. I don't think I can get my legs in the classic tall ones, but they Bailey Triples have been good to me. They're very warm.
Dislikes: Since they're Uggs..they obviously come with an expensive price tag. These retail for $230, but I was able to get them for $150. They're not waterproof or water-resistant. 

I actually wanted the Bailey Tall Boots because I love bows and I was hesitant to get the same style.. but the $70 difference wasn't worth it. But I don't regret it; I'm happy with my purchase. Just need to wait until next winter to put them to use because it's warming up. ^^

Anyways, until next time!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday Fun; Holi & Shopping

This weekend my school held a Holi Celebration, which is an Indian tradition where you wear white and throw colored powder at each other. I had a team meeting for my management class and then headed over to Holi right afterwards.
 Me & My friend, Yunc
A lot of people came for the event. I had to kick, punch, and shove people just to get more colors. Jk, but not really.
Yours truly at her finest

Anyways, I stayed for most of it..and it was pretty fun. The same thing is.. I actually liked the white shirt that I bought lol. I got it just for the event but actually like it. 

After Holi, my friends and I went to clean up and shower. There was a minor incident in the bathroom, but I won't talk about that :'( 

After my friend and I went shopping with my roommate :D
Like almost half a year later, I FINALLY got the chance to go to Sally's to buy my hair dye. I did some last minute research and opted for Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener and their 30 volume Sensitive Scalp developer. For toner, I got Wella Medium Beige Blonde T27. 

I think I've mentioned before that I want to go blonde at least once or something while I'm still at the appropriate age. 
I also went to VS to get the latest PINK dog :') It's a Red Sox one. They came out with a line of nail polish recently, and I picked up the shade "Tantalize," which is a nude shade. I also picked up polishes at Sally's.. I'm surprised to see the Glitz Blitz 'n Pieces polishes already marked down..especially because the display was still up lol. I also got a Tranzitions polish.. It was B2G1 free hehe :)
I couldn't debate between the nude or the shimmery white flats at Aldo's. I ended up getting neither :X I had a leaning towards the nude ones, but the white ones were cheaper.. so I couldn't decided. After a while I did like the white ones, but something about white shoes were kinda weird, Idk. 
Image from
I really liked this wristlet D; It was $29.90, and it was such a shame that the $15 off $30 couldn't work. That's just how they get to you. :'( So I didn't get it because I didn't think it was worth $30.

After shopping, we went to get sushi. I treated my roommate because I lost a bet D;

To end the night, we went to visit a friend's dorm and stayed for a few hours before heading back out separate ways. It was really relaxing and it was nice to see everyone again. 

Recent Events

It's not like crimes never existed, but there's just been so many exposure of them lately since the bombing during the Boston Marathon. In case you haven't heard yet, two bombs went off new the finish line and over a hundred people got injured and three passed away. There were also bombs that were recovered but didn't set off. 

Friday night there was a shooting near the MIT campus and not long later, there were grenades set off in another town. All this was done by the suspects of the Marathon bombings.

Of course I sympathize with the victims and all those affected but at the same time it's not like crime doesn't exist until now. The most I feel about this whole incident is sympathy. I mean it "shouldn't" have happened, but it did and we'll all move on past it.

Tribute to the victims on campus

Friday night they caught suspect and there was kinda like some riot/celebration going on downtown so my roommate and some friends went there. It wasn't necessarily for the..excitement/craziness that I wanted to go, but more just to go just to have gone. Something I can say that I participated in. I didn't see the video myself but I think I ended up on the news lmao.
 My roommate and I :D
There was SOOOO many people there. You'd have to shove everyone to get through. 

Hope I didn't come off as heartless from this post, but how I feel is how I feel. So until next time!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

JulieG: Tangerine Dream

Textured nail polish is one of the newest trends.. I haven't gotten my hands on Zoya's Pixie Dust or OPI's Liquid Sand yet, but I pre-ordered Julie G's Frosted Gum Drops collection last month. They were pretty affordable $20 for the collection of six. A few days ago, there was a Groupon deal for them for $12.99 or something; I should've just waited :(

Anyways, today I have Tangerine Dream, the only orange of the collection. Orange nail polish is kinda weird imo because I never use orange, but hey why not? 
Application: It was really easy to apply, but it was a bit sheer so I needed three coats for full coverage. You can use two if you don't mind a bit of VNL. It took a while to dry though. Half an hour or an hour after I finished applying, I accidentally hit one of my fingers against something and it smudged a lot. But since it was textured it was easy to simply just kinda push it back in place and you don't really notice the flaw unless you're staring at it up-close.

Color: I think Tangerine Dream is a very fitting name, at least the "Tangerine" part. It's not a light or a dark orange..just think of a tangerine. The hint of yellow is really obvious but not overwhelming compared to orange. I didn't dread the color as much after putting it on.

Overall: For about three bucks, I wouldn't complain at all! Just the drying time could be better, but once it settles, then there's nothing to worry about. I took the photos two or three days after applying it, so you can see a bit of tip wear :X It wasn't until day four or five that it actually started chipping on some nails.

One last comment is that removing this polish wasn't bad either. It was somewhere between a regular polish and glitter polish. I don't bother with the foil method, but if you do then there shouldn't be a problem. 

New Favorite Movie

Dun dun dun...which one is it?

And the winner is...  The Place Beyond the Pines !! 

I don't know what exactly it is about this movie, but I just really like it. I think a lot of it has to do with the character that Ryan Gosling plays. I actually didn't know who Ryan Gosling was before this movie because he didn't make much of an impression on me in The Notebook -__- so no I didn't watch the movie just because of him. I also liked how the movie transitioned, which if you watch it, should know what I mean.

Photos from the past week:
I went to a place called Kaju Tofu House with two of my friends. 
I ordered a seafood bibimbap, but I wasn't expecting it to come like that. I was expecting the same thing as what my friend got, which was actually labeled Seafood Claypot or something like that:
"You can feature my food on your blog!"
Since I haven't had a photo of myself in a while, here's my derpy friend and I ♥
Random chocolate cake.. the girl overcharged me for it, but whatever. It wasn't even that good even though it looks yummy :(
For the shits and giggles. 

Until next time :D

Monday, April 15, 2013

All Set For Fall Semester (Hopefully)

I finally figured out my fall schedule next year ^^

My registration date was yesterday, but since I'm in this accelerated program, we had to turn in forms for certain classes just to make sure that we do get the class, I guess, or something I dunno. Before that I figured out a schedule that I LOVED, but one class got filled up by upperclassmen, so it messed EVERYTHING up. I ended up with 8AM's, which I swore not to have. And the new schedule conflicted with my work time, so I can't work anymore. I also couldn't take my macroeconomics class with the professor that I wanted and I kinda need it done. 

To make things worse, on the day of I forgot all about registration. I had the 10:30AM time slot, but I didn't even wake up until 2:30PM and saw multiple texts asking my about my schedule. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have known. When I did log in to sign up for the rest of my classes, the law class I wanted was all filled up (all of them actually) and it was just stressful trying to figure things out because there's only so many classes I can take (because there's a lot of pre-requisites that I have to fulfill before I can take all my courses) and they're either all full or the time conflicts.

But long story short!! I got everything done. It's not the schedule I want at all, but it works. I got three 8AMs, I can't work my normal days, but I'll be taking some interesting classes that I wasn't expecting to take so soon, since I had to shift around some things. I got my Mondays off too :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Urban Outfitters: Lollipop

Hi! I passed by Urban Outfitters the other day so I dropped by because I had a few minutes to spare and found Lollipop on clearance. All the glitter reminded me of an indie polish, so I wanted to get it. Can you believe it's been three months since my last nail post?

Urban Outfitters Glitter (three coats+top coat)

Application: Lollipop was very easy to apply! Just shake it up and you'll be sure to grab a lot of glitter on your brush. You need to shake it to get the hex glitters though. The intensity of the glitter builds up with every coat, so if you don't want a lot of glitter like mine (three coats) then just do one coat over a base color because you'll actually need three coats for the pink to be opaque. I had no problems with streaking or anything. 
Color: It's a bubble gum pink with a variety of small blue, green, red, silver, and gold glitters and larger hex glitters. The pink in my photos is slightly lighter than what it is in person.
Overall: I'm very happy with this polish :D I'm actually tempted to go get an extra or something. It started chipping after a few days but most of my nails are still in tact. 

My nails are starting to grow out again, so I don't have to hide them as much anymore :P So until next time!

My Dislike for Citizen's Bank

So for a while now I've been pretty fed up with Citizen's Bank because if I don't use my debit card 5 times, then I get charged a $9.99 maintenance fee. The way around it is having $1,500 in the account, but it's not even my primary account so there's no way I would have that much money in it and after getting a credit card, I stopped using my debit cards. 

Last month I forgot to use my debit card 5 times so I got the charge and I went in and they waived it for me. The lady reminded me to make sure I use it 5 times by 4/6 or else I'd get charged again. On 4/5 I checked my online account to see how much money I had and noticed that I got the charged the day before on the 4th, and I was really confused because last month my cycle ended on the 6th and the lady even explicitly said the 6th. I had five transactions at this time, but two of them were still pending. 

I called a few nights later and the lady on the phone told me that it was actually every fourth business day of the month, which I never even knew and looking back, 75% of the time that day happened to be the 6th. And that it doesn't matter if I used my card because as long as the transactions are still pending (the merchant hasn't requested for the money yet) then it doesn't count..which is dumb because what if I used my card 1,000 times in the beginning of the month but they never requested the money until the end of the month? But keep in mind, the lady from last month TOLD ME that the last day was the 6th as well, and this time the lady on the phone isn't willing to waive it even though it wasn't even my fault and half of it was their fault as well. The first lady also put a note on my account not to waive any more maintenance fees -__-

In case you're wondering why I never canceled my account, it just wasn't meant to be. The first time I went in to do it but they realized that I had some transactions that hadn't cleared yet so they couldn't do it. The second time I had some extra time to go in before work, but when I got there the line was super long and I would've been late if I had stayed. The third time I went in and then realized I didn't bring my ID. 

I'm going in later today to cancel it, so hopefully that works out. I'll try and see if the person will sympathize with me about the fee first though :X

Anyways, until next time!

I ended up getting the fee waivered :X The guy was nice. But I still need to close the account lol.
The guy lied lol. I ended up closing the account, finally.

Monday, April 1, 2013

OOTD, OOTN, & Food

Haven't done an OOTD in a long time.. so here are two!
I got the top last year during my trip in Arizona. I didn't wear it much (probably only once) because after I washed it, the front drooped down A wasn't even droopy when I first got it. This seems to be a trend every time I find a nice top while on vacation because this happened to another top I got a few years ago in Virginia, so I couldn't wear it anymore :'( The boots are also new.. I bought them from DSW. They're a bit tight and take a while to zip though. 
Froyo :) I bought a Groupon for the place because it was closeby and I loveee the mascot. It's so cute :D The (presumable) owner of the place was very friendly too.
Friday's OOTN. I bought the top from Forever21 when I went shopping with my roommate. 
Mango & strawberry green tea from Infusions Tea Spa
Shake Shack recently opened up in MA, so on Saturday my friends and I went to give it a try. It has been receiving a lot of hype, so I was pretty curious as to how good it can be.. but I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed. The food wasn't terrible, but it was nothing to be raving about either. Not to mention it was a far commute. I don't think I'd come back unless I was in the area. 

My week kinda sucked. I took my two midterms and didn't do so well in I'm pretty sure I killed my GPA this semester. Sighh..there's still a month left of the semester but there's only so much I can do, and that is if I can even do that well. I have another midterm coming up on Wednesday for Accounting, which I'm dreading.