Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Three weeks ago, I brought Leo home!
I actually was only semi-interested when I first saw his profile online, but not enough to go meet him. A week later, I went in to see some other kittens at the shelter, and happened to see him and I wished I had came for him sooner!

Some of you may know that I've been wanting a cat for the past year. Originally, I wanted a dog (and I still do), but it would be irresponsible to get one because of my schedule. Instead, I became more open to the idea of a cat because I started being around them a lot more and also because they're low maintenance.

The first day was relatively tame; he remained in the carrier for a while before finally coming out, and even then, he stayed under the bed mostly. He meowed a lot throughout the night. The second day, he opened up a lot more, most likely because he had all day to explore the room and get comfortable. In the beginning, he woke me up a lot in the middle of the night, whether it was meowing, running around, or scratching my pillow. But soon enough, he adjusted to my schedule so he normally sleeps right next to me throughout the night :) 

There's still so much I'm still learning, whether it's related to food, training, and just overall wellbeing of the cat. He's been growing quite a bit too and can be a handful, but he definitely blends into my day to day life now :) 

Maybe I'll do an update on him later on, but until next time~

Thursday, May 4, 2017

One year post undergrad

Hey all! So a few days ago marked one year since my last undergrad class and in <2 weeks time would mark the one year anniversary since officially graduating! So I just wanted to do a bit of an update with my life right now haha. I also sort of want to blog (or even just write privately) more on day to day activities just so it's easier to relive certain experiences or moments, although I have to admit a lot of it can be pretty cringe-worthy when I reread them as well.

Without further ado... starting with work, I actually really do enjoy my job and the type of work that I do. My particular workload is a bit overwhelming because I feel like I haven't had much of a break since October, although the hours haven't been as bad recently. I also like my firm as well, although it's not perfect. There's a lot of downsides to it too, but it's also in line with downsides of the industry.

My studies haven't really progressed, and I'm still aiming for August to complete all my exams. Grad school is still on my mind, but at the same time it's hard to imagine cutting myself off from this job because as I mentioned, I do like it a lot! In three years, anything can happen.

Life in the city has been meh. The excuse of being busy of work can only go so far, and at this point (especially since things have slowed down), it's really on me now. So I really need to finish up my exams so I can truly appreciate what the city has to offer. I came here for that reason, so I have to put myself out there.

But apart from these things, I feel like a lot of different pieces will be coming together in the next few months until the end of the year! These past 24 hours, I've already planned four different trips, two of which have been booked already. Coincidentally, it's one trip every two months, so it's space out very nicely so that there's always something to look forward to. I'm thinking of doing something for December as well, so maybe that'll make it five!

My lease is almost up and it's a little stressful to think about just given there's a small gap between the last day of my lease and the potential new lease date which is typically on the 1st (mine ends on the 20 something). On top of that, the travels are going to be around the same time, so I'm not entirely flexible with being available to move out during that time frame either, it can only be on a very specific day, which is still TBD. But on that note, when I do move I plan to adopt two kittens!! I've been waiting for this for the past year and I've been increasingly more eager/impatient for this to happen, so I'm looking forward to it so much. Although I just realized that I have to figure out something when I go on those trips that I mentioned!

Hmm... overall, while things aren't perfect, I do think that there's a lot of things to look forward to :D There isn't a reason why this year wouldn't be great, so hopefully things go as expected! One last note, my birthday is coming up very soon and I feel like I did go through a bit of a quarter-life crisis a few months ago about... feeling old. I know many will just scoff at that, considering I'm not actually that old and in a way, my life is just getting started. At the same time it's not like I'm getting any younger either. I do still feel a bit negatively about the feeling of getting old, but it's not as intense as they were last summer/fall.

Anyways, until next time!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Disclaimer: Just going to be vague about the topic because I don't actually want to go into what it's about. But the vagueness makes it seem much more dramatic than it really is. So dw, everything is fine. 

Things turned out a lot better than I had anticipated, but at the end of the day, it's the end results that matter. Yeah there's the whole experience, blah blah. But there was so much effort and feelings wasted just because of a lame shortcoming of mine. Not to mention, I'm teased by how close I actually was to achieving what I wanted. It's not the end of the world though, just disappointment.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!! / 2016 in Review

Happy New Year!! 
I was planning on staying in last night to just study but ended up going out to Central Park for fireworks. But I did study to/from there, as well as while waiting for the countdown.

I guess "life changing" events did happen this year, but they're more like milestones. Even so, in a way, it feels like not a lot has happened this year, so that's why this post will be kept short.

Graduated with more than enough credits, but wish I had been able to take electives that I was interested in (mainly language courses) and a bit disappointed that I dropped my minor in my senior year. But I was able to study abroad twice, which not a lot of others get a chance to.

Traveled to Shanghai and Thailand (Phuket & Chiang Mai)
It was a two week trip but I wish I had stayed for at least a month, as originally planned.

Moved to New York
Fortunate to say that I graduated without having stressing about unemployment. Thus, I relocated to New York for said job. 

Without going too much into it, I think I did mature/learn a lot on certain levels. I discovered a goal that I would like to strive for, although who knows, maybe it'll change, but it took me 5 years to finally reach one. I learned more about myself in terms of what I seek out. I was able to strengthen existing bonds and form new ones, although some were broken along the way. But it's all part of growing up. Last but not least, I developed an unhealthy worry about aging.

Enough procrastinating, until next time~