Friday, May 27, 2016

Back in Shanghai!: Part One

Day 1:
I've only been back for a few days and I already regret not booking a longer trip T_T My original plan from way back was to just do a 1-2 month trip and just live here...because when will I ever get a chance to again? Plus I'm just bumming around until work starts anyways. And I didn't expect to go on a week long trip T_T So I really only have ~5? days in Shanghai after I factor in airport days. 

Anyways, I lost a day because I was going forward in time. I arrived with no problems, and slept most of the way, tbh. I watched Deadpool, The Revenant, and 500 Days of Summer on the plane. 

I arrived in the evening, and my friend and I went to Yershari (耶里夏丽) for Xinjiang food. 
The food was good!! And relatively inexpensive too. 

Revisited Nanjing Dong Lu and walked over to the Bund before meeting up with some others at Lujiazui. When I got home, I completely passed out after washing up. 

Day 2:
The next day, I met up with my friend (+others) for lunch at Grandma's Home (老婆家). The service was a tad slow but the food was alright. I didn't really take pictures, but I recommend the shrimp with vermicelli! 
Accidentally ordered this...yep, just a plate of green peas.

I roamed and loitered around for a bit before heading to Barbarossa (restaurant and lounge), which is located right in People's Square. They have happy hour everyday (50% off drinks!) so we went there for a bit while waiting for a friend to check out his new apartment. 

It was already 10:45PM before we had dinner because it ended up taking longer than expected :( At first we were going to Koreatown because we wanted KBBQ but then the cab driver kept suggesting going to 老外街 instead for more international options, so we drive past 韩国街 and the kept driving and driving. Wtf, but we already knew what we wanted to eat so I dunno why my friend agreed to keep going!! >:( 

So we ended up at this Korean restaurant (forgot the name) in the middle of nowhere because we didn't want to go to 老外街 but the place wasn't too memorable... the meats weren't marinated, so we were just eating grilled meat :| But it was nice to see my friend again!! 

But I was already so tired since much earlier T_T We still stayed out and went to Shakespeare Bar on Yongkang Lu (永康路) to meet up with someone. Ahhh I'm so bad, I was caught dozing a couple of times T_T When we finally went home, I just passed out while sitting (because I was waiting for the bathroom to wash up). Sleepily washed up and completely knocked out. 

Day 3:
Met up with my friend to eat malatang for lunch!
One of the many things that I missed :(

And then... I found my heaven T_T
I actually asked around for a place like this when I was in shanghai before, but I didn't hear of this place! Ugh, regrets. So many regrets.
Photo credit: My friend, Y
My loot... (minus 3 of them)
Snacking 因为我是胖子。

So this was part one of my trip in Shanghai! I'm in Phuket now, so I'll blog about that one next. So until next time~

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