Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Three weeks ago, I brought Leo home!
I actually was only semi-interested when I first saw his profile online, but not enough to go meet him. A week later, I went in to see some other kittens at the shelter, and happened to see him and I wished I had came for him sooner!

Some of you may know that I've been wanting a cat for the past year. Originally, I wanted a dog (and I still do), but it would be irresponsible to get one because of my schedule. Instead, I became more open to the idea of a cat because I started being around them a lot more and also because they're low maintenance.

The first day was relatively tame; he remained in the carrier for a while before finally coming out, and even then, he stayed under the bed mostly. He meowed a lot throughout the night. The second day, he opened up a lot more, most likely because he had all day to explore the room and get comfortable. In the beginning, he woke me up a lot in the middle of the night, whether it was meowing, running around, or scratching my pillow. But soon enough, he adjusted to my schedule so he normally sleeps right next to me throughout the night :) 

There's still so much I'm still learning, whether it's related to food, training, and just overall wellbeing of the cat. He's been growing quite a bit too and can be a handful, but he definitely blends into my day to day life now :) 

Maybe I'll do an update on him later on, but until next time~

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