Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Break Vacation: The First Day

Day 1: December 26
I took the 7:45AM bus and arrived around noon time. The ride was normal. Spent the first hour or two chatting then slept the test of the way. 

First thing we did was drop everything off at the apartment and then headed to Ippudo NY for lunch. Been wanting to try that place because of the raving reviews. 

Ippudo was about an hour wait. They take down your number and then they text you when it's almost time to be seated. I used that time to look around the neighborhood, which I found to be mainly Japanese food. I stopped by a super cool store called Toy Tokyo, which has a lot of collectibles. If only I could buy everything I want from there lol. I I bought a Gloomy Bear charm.

So back to Ippudo. We got the text and got back to the restaurant ~7 minutes later. Then it was another 5-10 minute wait to be seated. 
I ordered the Karaka Men ($14) with poached egg ($2). The ramen was served within minutes. The noodles were chewy and thin. The portion was pretty small though..I wish finished with it rather quickly. But they do offer extra servings, not sure how much that costs. 

After lunch we took went to Times Square. We watched American Hustle there. I think the movie was kinda meh. I didn't like it that much. 

Walked around the area some more before heading to The Halal Guys to grab some food. 

By this time our phones were out of battery, but we managed to get home safely :) 

Then.. We had a Paranormal Activity marathon because I wanted to watch the 4th one but we ended up just watching all of them. Didn't go to bed until 5. 

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  1. Maybe cause i'm staving that noodle dish looks so good! And don;t you hate it when you go into a collectables store and see so many things you like? I've had to learn to buy only "what" is practical or I really adore and not because I want it at that moment.