Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missed my drop deadline

So today I found out the last day to drop a class was two Fridays ago :( I haven't been doing well in one of my classes, so I contemplated dropping it (and having it shown up as Withdrawn on my transcript) because it was just going to kill my GPA. But now I'm stuck with it. I turned in a paper last week, and after turning it in, I realized how off-topic I went with it, so I'm anticipating a sucky grade, just hoping it won't drag down my average lower than it already is. I have to depend on my final exam to save my grade as much as it can, but it's only worth like 30%, which isn't too much. Bleh. 

I'm finally done with all my exams, aside from finals, so I'm happy. I have some projects and a paper to write though, but nothing too bad. Thanksgiving is also coming up, so I'm looking forward to the week-long break ^__^

Haven't had much interesting going on in my life, so there was nothing to update on. Errm. I started playing rank for League of Legends a few days before the season ended and got placed into Silver 4. It was disappointing, and made me regret not starting it sooner, but whatever. Not a big deal. 

Well, not much left so say, so until next time!

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