Friday, September 7, 2012

New Haircut..Bangs!!

(This is actually like a 3 week old post that I drafted)

I haven't had bangs since I was in first grade..and from then forth I started growing them out. But I just wanted to see how they look on me I went for it! I actually wanted side bangs.. but since I was going to cut it down, might as well start with straight bangs.
The before photo was right before I went to get the cut.. and after was straight out of the salon. The after photo looks so dull xD But it's probably just the lighting.

Anyways.. I got a Google Offers deal that was $29 for 2 cuts, wash/blowdry/deep conditioning included. When I made the call to book the appointment I pointed the deal out twice in the beginning and at the end. And after the person was done cutting my hair, I asked about the deep conditioning.. apparently the girl who picked up the call didn't take a note of the deal that I had nor did she take down that I wanted a deep conditioning (the first thing I mentioned when she picked up.) 

My hair stylist didn't offer to make it up to me.. so I spoke up and basically just asked if I could come another time for it. She was like.. when you come for the second cut we'll do it for you.. but my deal gave me a deep conditioning PER cut -__- It wasn't even my fault and I feel that they should've made it up to me, especially after I spoke up. Overall everything was still quite cheap, but it's not what I paid for, so I feel that it's unfair.

So what do you think? I think it suits me.. but compared to before, I think I look better with no bangs. And it makes me look younger :x


  1. I like it! Your hair looks so thick and healthy!

  2. It looks great ;-)
    I love when hair doesn't have too many layers and is just cut straight and blunt! Makes it look so much thicker and healthier which I think is sooooo pretty.