Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Now that Summer is Over...

Sunday was my matriculation. We basically walked through campus first and then it was speeches and such and then all the freshmen got matriculated :) After that was like this fair for clubs and I signed up to a number of them, and I honestly do want to participate, but I just don't think I'll be able to because with classes and work, I don't even get back until like 9 or so...and none of the meetings are going to take place so late.

My internship ended about a week and a half ago and overall I liked it. The beginning was really hectic but as the weeks passed, everything was really quiet. But everyone I met was nice. One of them even bought mini fruit tarts and cheesecake for me on the last day!

I've already moved into my dorm and settled in.. I've met some people, but most of my floor are still strangers ): Hopefully not for long! Anyways, I'll be updating again soon!


  1. Hope you enjoy yourself in college babe :D
    Im sure you will meet people soon it's just the beginning!

  2. I hope the best for you! I guess I am in the exact same situation as you! Let's do our best ;-) Hopefully I will meet lots of people as well.