Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Week of Classes

Hi! Classes started on Tuesday, so I guess I'll just do a quick post about it. I still have to show you guys my room as soon as I can. My laptop doesn't have an SD card reader, so I need to bring the camera cord to my dorm. I'm dorming for those of you who doesn't know :D

Anyways, Tuesday I only had one class at 12:30, but as soon as I got out of my building it was POURING. So I had to walk 15-20 minutes to class in the rain and by the time I got to class, I was soaked. :( My dorm is pretty far from my classes, so I always have to leave early. 

Wednesdays are my longest days of class. I have class basically back to back from 9:30-5:00 (with one 30 minute break in between) and then I have another seminar from 7:15-8:30... But luckily, two of my discussions didn't start until the week after (aka tomorrow), so I had some breaks in between to get some stuff done. On one occasion I went back to my dorm to drop off some stuff and then went to wait for the shuttle, which comes every 10 minutes, but it skipped one so I ended up having to take the next one another 10 minutes later :\

Thursday wasn't too bad because I only had one class again, and afterwards I went to visit my friends at another school/campus and had poutine :D Which I've been craving for since Canada over half a year ago. 

Friday I had three classes and they weren't bad. I sorta enjoyed it, weird enough. But yeah afterwards I went to work and then spent the night at home. 

Sooo that's the update I have for now :D I need to finish my reading for class tomorrow :\


  1. Omg poutine. Looks so yummy! Similar to AB that we have in South Australia.

  2. i hope school's treating you well. :D