Saturday, December 15, 2012

Black Friday Shopping Pt. 2

Here's part two of Black Friday. Took a while, but yeah...
Theory: Juin | Rue21: Hello Kitty Tee

Theory was giving out gifts for the first hundred purchases. Women get a tee and men got either a tie or a bow. It's appalling that the shirt retails for $'s really soft though @__@ I also bought a matching shirt with a friend, who tagged along. 

Our last stop at the outlets was Swarovski. I came out with two things thanks to the wonderful boyfriend<333
Hello Kitty Pink Bow Pierced Earrings
Hello Kitty Pink Bow Necklace

We left at 5:00 to go to Best Buy. I bought a laptop for my dad. Mine is being sent in for repairs right now...I wish I could just steal his laptop lol. Target was also across the plaza, so I dropped by because I had some things I wanted to pick up. I went earlier that night at 9:00PM, but they weren't open until 1:00AM. -__-

Target buys:
I admit that half of this is just guilty spending, but the gift tags/stickers are ADORABLE. I would buy more except I don't think I'll ever get to use them. Or even bear to use them.

Last stop: iHop
By the time we left iHop, I was starting to crash.. it was around 7:30AM and I guess I just got so tired I was falling asleep in the car xD I got home about an hour later, went to sleep and woke up at 4:30PM.

Here are some bonus photos:
 I thought this polish was pretty cool.. I took the brush out and couldn't really tell how it worked though, but I Google imaged it and it's supposed to do like a marble effect? This is from Rue 21.
Stuff I tried on but didn't purchase.
1) Theory Nichele (navy) - this one actually came in my size :T But I didn't want navy just yet...sigh
2) Ann Taylor shirt - I thought of getting it but ultimately it was sorta plain and I had something similar.
3) Anna Taylor blazer - Good thing I didn't buy it... I know nothing about the fit of blazers, but it was just so boxy so I couldn't bear to buy it. I might've if I didn't find anything at Theory just because I didn't know any better.


  1. I love the accessories! Hello kitties are really cute!

    NEW POST UP: Interview with a friend artist


  2. You're such a sucker for cute things xD! The stuff you bf bought u is really cute!