Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Semester is Over!

I took my last final today, so I'm officially on winter break! 

This morning sucked. I had a final at 9:00AM. The shuttle was supposed to come at 8:50, but didn't come on time, so I went to take the train instead. I left my wallet in room, so I didn't have money or my train card, so I ended up having to walk across campus and was late. :T The final was okay, but I wasn't really that prepared. 

Some of my exam grades/semester grades are posted up..and they're okay, but there were some regrets overall. It's a pity that two of my professors won't be teaching again after this semester. 

Anyways, I'm looking forward to just relaxing for the time being :) I have work all of next week though, but I need the money. :x 

I've been playing Scramble with Friends lately...let me know if you play!

Well, until next time!

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