Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finale Dessert Tasting

Hi :) I'm updating my blog instead of studying for my first final tomorrow x.x I'm getting tired too, so I'll probably go to bed after this. :x

I bought a Groupon for a four course dessert tasting for four at the end of the summer for a place called Finale and it was the last day today so I had to use it up :o If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already saw all of these :P

First course:
Chocolate covered strawberries
They weren't that sweet, but it wasn't bad either. Turns out they cost $27...holy crap. Imagine all the boxes of strawberries I can buy with that! Then again it's like $4-5 at Godiva for one.

Second course: 
Right: Manjari Mousse | Left: Boston Cream
I thought these two were pretty good :) The Manjari Mousse came with a blackberry cabernet sorbet which I thought was a nice addition. These were tiny though, like 1" in diameter. The Boston Cream came with a vanilla gelato sandwich. 
 Top: Pumkin Cheesecake | Bottom: Apricot Cherry Bread Pudding
Didn't try either of these, but they looked nice. 

Third course:
 Strawberry sorbet
The cups were white chocolate but for some reason it tasted like hard caramel. Didn't really like it so much.

Fourth course:
Chocolate Bliss (for two)
I wasn't expecting so many things x.x My favorite was the molten lava cake in the middle. We couldn't finish it..this gentleman came over and chatted with us for a bit and when we left, he made me feel bad about wasting the leftovers because we didn't pack it up either ;(
 Top: Apple Alamode | Bottom: Tiramisu
Didn't really try these either except the tiramisu, which was pretty good. It was like wrapped in some weird layer though.

 The bill...I didn't remember how much the Groupon was worth since it wasn't one of those spend $XX deals, so I was surprised when I saw the check. I definitely wouldn't pay $110+tip for all that :o eating so much dessert made us all sick of desserts lmao.

Afterwards, we went to get normal food :x
Assorted seafood ramen
You can't even see the noodles, but it was so good! :x It looked like packaged ramen at first, but it tasted like authentic (as far as I know) ramen. There wasn't that much seafood though.. 

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