Thursday, February 7, 2013

So Far into the Semester

Well here's an update of school/my life. It's a really long post, so I dunno if anyone's actually going to read through it lmao.

My sleep schedule is messed up as usual lol. I've been sleeping so late again, so it's hard to focus in class..especially since they're usually all back to back, so I get no break in between. Yesterday I had a writing assessment for my management course, and it was at 8:15AM when normally class is at 9:30AM..and I couldn't even focus at all because it was so tired lmao. I don't think I even did that well because my ideas didn't really fit what the assignment was asking and I rushed to cut down my writing to one page, so I had to take out a lot/didn't have time to go over it to add more important points.

My classes this schedule have me a bit worried about my grades T__T;; They're sorta more challenging.
Management: It's getting more specific and the lecture slides aren't really helping because I can barely answer any questions when I get quizzes. 
Statistics: It's so confusing T__T I've never taken stats before and I feel so lost when I'm doing the assignment. I understand it after we go over it.. but I feel like I should at least know how to do it and just make a small mistake or something, but nooo it's just all so confusing. I got a 4/4 on my first quiz though, but they're all pop quizzes, so they're all going to catch me off guard.
Calculus: I can't really tell if this class is going to be easy or not lmao. The material seems relatively easy, but the homework is sorta hard and my professor goes through the lectures really quickly, so sometimes it's hard to follow. I had my first test last week, and I think I aced it, but I'm not sure yet. I'll be getting it back on Monday. Usually the first test is always easiest too though lol.
Accounting: Ehh. I can't tell if this will be challenging or not. I had an exam this week and I thought I did really well, but I can never be too sure about this one. Some people were discussing it and were saying they got something different than what I kinda made me lose my confidence lmao. It's a bit confusing though. 
Education elective: Errm. I have to do a case study on someone for this course.. soo I dunno how that'll go lmao. I hope I do well though.

I've submitted my application for my school's Honor's Program last week :) Aside from other application processes, my GPA is definitely a huge one that can easily disqualify me. There's a minimum GPA requirement, so if I do poorly this semester then there goes all my chances/efforts. 

Other updates:
The Northeast is supposed to get this HUGE snowstorm on Friday. They're estimating up to two feet o_o One source even said 33.5" wtf! Sooo I'll see how it goes. I'm supposed to attend this event though, but if there's going to be a huge snowstorm, I dunno if it's going to be a very smart idea.

Chinese New Year's is coming up this Sunday, so I'll be heading home for the weekend. Lately I think I've been bonding well with my family ;o Somewhat. I need to work on my dad though because our relationship isn't really that good (on my part.) I've been talking to my mom a lot more..and lately been trying to reach out to my brother, but I think he hates me lol. I need to come up with some ideas for New Year's nails.. my nails haven't been doing so well lately.. for the past three weeks it's been breaking a lot. 

Oh yeah I went shopping earlier this week, so hopefully I can do a post on that. I didn't really buy much, but it feels like it's been a while since I've gone shopping.. since Black Friday. I don't even have anywhere nice to take photos though :T

I have work super early in the morning, so I should sleep.. or catch up on my reading..gah the decisions. I feel like I have more to write but I don't want this to be a longer post than it already is xD

Anyways, until next time! 

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