Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemo & New Year's

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! 

In the last entry I mentioned that there was going to be a big snowstorm on Friday and it was disastrous in some ways but rewarding because I got to spend time with friends as well.

So I went to visit my friend's school on Thursday night (school was canceled on Friday) and we just played Poker with a bunch of people.
To end the game, the three of us remaining decided to go all in.. and we won with two pairs!! ..Until our friend pointed out five minutes later that someone else had a flush.

We ended up staying up until 5:00AM just chatting randomly and listening to music. 

The next morning, we had to do laundry before heading home for CNY. The trains were scheduled to stop running at 3:30PM, so we had some time. We finished laundry stuff around 2 and lazed around for a bit. At 2:30PM, we decided to head out, but my friend's wallet was missing so we spent like 10 minutes looking for it. As we were crossing to street to the station, we saw a train leave.. and then found out the last train was at 3:00PM, and we got there at like 3:02PM -__- So we spent the next half an hour wondering what to do, whether to call a cab or not because there was a traveling ban at 4:00PM (so no cars were allowed on the road) so a cab probably wouldn't have gotten us home on time. Meanwhile, my mom was so angry at me for not being able to get home.

So we ended up going back to another friend's dorm to take shelter. At this point, the snow wasn't too was snowing a lot and snow was starting to build up.
I took this photo at then the snow had piled up a lot.
Trekking along the snow

When we decided that it was finally time to return to my friend's dorm, it was already 2:00AM..and it's normally a 10-15 minute walk. The snow was just so deep.. at some point we took a road that nobody else had even taken and the snow was knee high x__x We got back half an hour later, cold and wet. Relaxed in the lounge until 6:00AM watching shows like Arrested Development and Phineas and Ferb..and random YouTube stuff. 

The next afternoon.. we went outside to play for a bit :D!! People made a bunch of igloos outside.

My boots are ruined from the past two days T__T;; At least it kept me warm.. I seriously need waterproof boots.

Lastly.. we had our ghetto New Year's Eve dinner. Chinese takeout, which took an hour to deliver D:

Then my friend and I got picked up and went home for New Year's the next day ^^ I basically just slept in the whole day.. I have school tomorrow :\


  1. You're so cute!
    I'm so jealous... we never have snow here >_>

  2. Happy New Year!!!
    Where are you from? It looks like a winter wonderland :D

    1. Happy New Year! I'm from Massachusetts. It doesn't normally snow that much here though xD

  3. I love playing poker with a bunch of friends! It's definitely a nice way to spend the night.
    Hope you had a Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year!! aww.. I miss snow :)

  5. Gracious, that is so much snow. I have never been allowed to make igloos before. It seems like so much fun to hide out in there.

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