Friday, September 20, 2013

Brazil: The Way Back

We ended up leaving the house a bit later than expected, at 2:45AM, but that's okay. I forgot if I mentioned this before, but we had to drive to the GRU Airport because we couldn't book a local flight there. We ended up arriving around 6:30AM, so it was a lot shorter ride than expected. I slept the whole way lol. 
Airplane food..not the best, but it will suffice.

The first flight was the most annoying one ever. I'm not sure if this is how it is with all international flights, but there's three rows of seating as opposed to two normally (one on each side of the plane) and we ended up being seated at the very front row of the middle section. I sat on the left edge of the section, and the whole ~10 hour ride I had people brushing against me every time they walked by. It became like such a pet peeve whenever anyone walked by because I had to put up with it for hours. As if that wasn't enough, since we were in the first row, it was also the intermediary between the left and right section of the plane so people just kept walking through and stepping/kicking me in the process T_T And this entire plane ride I never got a single apology for any of this ughhh. I slept most of the ride, but I think every time I woke up it was because of either of it. 

When we got off we had to go through customs and we ended up getting taxed for the cigarettes we bought fml. The person at the shop told us we could each buy one (which was a pack of three cartons), but the truth is you can only have one carton per person without being taxed. >:(((( So the mother wasn't very happy about it T_T;

Anyways, we waited about 2 hours for the next flight and the ride wasn't that bad either because I was asleep a majority of the time. Our flight landed and we got our stuff and went home. So that was it :))

Overall, I think it was a worthwhile trip. I'm happy with the things I bought :))) And it was nice to reconnect with some family members. It's also good to learn about new cultures..sadly that might come with feeling excluded if you don't understand the language. 

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