Monday, September 30, 2013

Going Blonde v2

The last time I dyed my hair was in April and May, where I bleached it three times (two were full coverage, and one time was just the top of my head because it was really uneven) and you can read about it [here].

Here are the end results:
So the night of coming back from Brazil I bleached my hair. Normally you should wait 1-2 days after you washed your hair to do it, but I washed my hair twice the day before. >< It's not a good thing, but I didn't have time to wait.

I mixed Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener with an Ion 30 vol developer in a 1:2 ratio. I started timing AFTER everything is applied.

I applied it to the hair that was already blonde for 25 minutes before proceeding to the some of the black regrowth and lastly my roots. I left it in for a total of 55 minutes. The packaging says up to 50, but I had to leave it in a bit longer because it hasn't processed my roots much yet so I had to wait for it.
The hair that was black is noticable a lot more orange. I think I should've applied it to the black hair (minus maybe an inch of roots) at the same time as the ends of my hair, but I was hoping it would still be considered my roots and lighten quickly. I can't tell if the rest of my hair has much of a difference aside from sections which reached a pale blonde (almost white.)

My hair was retaining a bit of water at this point because it didn't dry until 12 hours later. This includes minimal blow drying because it was still soaking wet when I went to bed.

The next night I bleached my hair again. This time I applied it everywhere minus about an inch of my roots. I left it in for about 40 minutes.

The color is still uneven because of how it was previously, but not too noticeable. My regrowth is also more yellow than the rest of my hair, but unless you're really close or staring at it, it's not noticeable.

After the second bleaching session, my hair became super porous and would absorb the shampoo, making it hard to wash out. The first time as it was drying, my hair started to harden wtf. So I washed it again and the same thing happened and I used more shampoo thinking maybe it was just the bleach not washing out. I think it's shampoo because the water I squeezed out is still slightly bubbly :( So I washed it again the third time in the morning without soap, but I conditioned it and it took forever to dry because my roots would retain water.

I ended up toning my hair about a week or two later. At first I was HORRIFIED because parts of my hair came out silvery because I have a bit of hair that's a lot lighter than the rest. But after a few days it faded to a more platinum sort of color. It's still noticeably lighter than the rest of my hair though.

My hair is definitely two-toned, but I like it from the front. Can't say the same about the back though.
 Natural lighting (by the windows)
Here's the back..where you can see the middle section is noticeably lighter :( I kind of just dealt with it.

To summarize, I basically bleached my hair twice and toned it. My hair came out a lot more uneven (to me) after toning though. My hair still feels healthy, maybe the flyaway hair is more noticeable, so it does look a bit damaged, but it soft to me, so idk. My hair was only porous in the beginning and went back to normal after a few washes. Overall, I like this color a lot better than the previous :D