Monday, September 16, 2013

Brazil: The Last Day; Haircut

Day 15: August 28
Today's my last day in Brazil :( I got woken up at 10:00AM to go out for lunch at Tokyo Restaurante. It's a Japanese and Chinese buffet, and you pay by weight. I think R$46/kg. 
The food looked really delicious, but upon eating it it was pretty bland. It wasn't bad but I didn't have much of an appetite to finish everything. 

I went to Ramavi Cosm├ęticos to pick up some last minute cosmetic needs and ended up with a few more nail polishes (not that many, I swear, like around 5), a nail buffer, and some Vult cosmetics.

Not long after I went home, my cousin told me to get ready to go and I asked her where and she never told me lol. We ended up going to Desejo & Sabor with my other cousin's girlfriend for coffee and gelato.
Tiramisu Gelato

When we left, we went across the street to a beauty parlor called DN&K. O_O There they inquired about coloring my hair and a haircut even though I insisted I'll get it done at home >_< We opted for just a haircut in the end because the coloring would cost R$700-800... I ended up chopping it off to past my chest , so around 10 inches in total :X I wanted longer..but they kept pressuring me to do more T_T; And I was also hesitant because I was planning on killing my ends more first before it goes chop chop.

Anyways, here's some before and afters:
For dinner we went to Coxilha dos Pampas again. I was hoping to be able to eat more but got full really quickly again :(
Came home and packed up the rest of the things because we were planning on leaving at 2:00AM, so I took a short nap before that.

I have one more Brazil post after this, so until next time!

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