Monday, July 14, 2014

First a middle-aged woman, now a little girl?

Just earlier before I got home, I was walking behind a group of three girls for like, 5 seconds before I turned to my front door. Just as I turned, one of the girls gave me an attitude and told me, "can you wait, little girl?" D: First of all, I'm way older than she is because she looked 10. It's so ironic seeing her do that. Secondly, I walked behind them the entire time and turned only because I was at my door, so it's not like I walked past them and in front of them or anything, so.. what's the problem? I don't have a problem with walking past people either, unless you walk in front of them only to go at a slow pace. 

Even though I'm supposed to be the older one, I admit I did respond (badly) to her because I didn't do anything wrong so wtf. But now they know where I live T_T

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