Monday, June 30, 2014

Express Checkout Incident

About half an hour ago, I was waiting behind this lady who was bagging up her items at the express lane. She was taking AGES to do so and I only had three items, so I was planning on just quickly getting my things and go. So I scanned my item and put it through the belt and she grabbed it and threw it back at me. WTF. To her defense, it was rude of me to do that when she wasn't done, but if you think about it, why are you in the express lane with 50 items?! She still had like 20 things unbagged, in addition to her cart that already had some things. 

Worst of all, I didn't call her out for it in the end. I can make excuses for it; she was a lot older than me, so it's disrespectful, it's my fault for being impatient, in hindsight it's not a big deal, didn't want to make a scene, what if she was a psycho bitch, etc. But when it comes down to it, I probably just didn't have the guts to. And it's just more frustrating to let her "get away" with it just because she should be called out for being so rude. Though when I finally did try to speak up before she left, I don't think she heard me.

In those situations is it better defend yourself or just ignore it and let it go?

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  1. It's kinda hard to say, because on one hand she's older and old people are generally cranky (jokes) and she could have been having a bad day, which is why she lashed out at you. I always try and see it from someone else's perspective because people aren't generally rude for no reason, I think. I remember one instance where the trolley my mum and I were using was apparently in the way for this middle aged women, she shouted at my mother saying "get your trolley out the way" where in return my mum shouted back "Go around!" I guess it's easier to say something when you're in the same age group because there isn't necessarily anything about disrespect coming in to play