Monday, July 30, 2012

July Nail Polish Haul

I bought a few polishes here and there throughout the month, mostly China Glaze or Orly. I only had about 5 China Glaze polishes prior to this.. so I'm excited to let the collection grow :) But of the one creme that I have been using (Empowerment) I found that the formula is thick and streaky, so I hope it's just that one polish.

Anyways, onto the haul!! I know it's not like a lot compared to other people's hauls, but it feels like a lot since I got a bunch at once every time instead of one or two here and there. Plus I think I scored a pretty good deal.
Orly: Glitz $1.99 | Skinny Dip $2.50 | After Party $2.50 | Sinful Colors: Winterberry $0.99
China Glaze: Ruby Pumps | Electrify $3.29 | Glittering Garland $0.99 | For Audrey $4.99 | Polarize $1.65
Jordana Pink Hearts $1.99

Close ups:
Most of these are from Sally's clearance sales where red tags were an additional 50% off, which was why most of them were so cheap! I bought For Audrey and Electrify before the sale, so I didn't get the deal, but I'm still happy. Finally got my hands on the famous For Audrey lol. I actually have it on right now...and it applied way better than Empowerment :o So I guess I got a dud or something. 

Winterberry is supposedly a polish from winter 2011 and it's hard to find now, but they started popping up in recent display boards. I took advantage of the $0.99 sale.. but now there's the whole plagiarism scandal :(

Lastly, Pink Hearts isn't really all that great. You have to really dig around for the hearts and I just didn't put that much of an effort to try to get it. It works great if you want sparse glitters that can be built up, because it's really easy not to get any hearts, so it'll work well if you want to layer it on top of any color. I applied two coats on each nail and I was only able to get one heart that says something. I'll do a more thorough post after I actually get hearts out.

To end the post, here's tonight's dinner :) I went out to a restaurant called Thaitation. I'd give them a 3/5 because the service was just really slow. Phone quality photos..
Curry puffs! It was basically like.. the outer layer and potato inside... so more or less deep fried potatoes lol. 
Seafood Volcano; It came out on fire!! It's the fire time food was served that way for me lol. And inside was scallops, jumbo shrimp, squid, salmon w/peppers, beans, & basil in a curry sauce. Even though the portion was sort of small (but enough for one person), at least the place didn't skimp on the seafood...because a lot of places just throw in a lot of veggies and a few pieces of seafood.
Crispy Pad Thai. I was expecting the flatter noodles that it's normally mad out of :( I took a bite and didn't want anymore :x It wasn't nasty, but just not my thing.

For dessert, we went to a froyo place called Zinga. 
The flavors were very rich, but the texture was just a tad bit too melty/soft. I prefer my froyo to be more solid.  


  1. I also bought polishes from Sally's clearance sale, but I couldn't find as much pretty polishes...
    OMG the food looks delicious ;)

    1. I actually went to like three different Sally's xD I never knew there were so many around because I always only knew of one. It was only the first Sally's where I found a bunch of decent ones and the rest were so-so. A majority of what I found were CG crackles.. And random Hunger Game polishes.