Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Going Bald?

Knock on wood.

I've already noticed this for the past two years that a lot of my hair has been falling out, whether it's when I wash it or brush it. Every time I run my hand through my hair while washing it, i t comes out all over my fingers -shudders- It hasn't been like this in the previous years.

I know that it's natural for a lot of hair to fall out daily, hundreds or thousands (I don't remember,) but usually that's when you don't notice it right? I feel like I'm losing those hundreds/thousands PLUS another hundreds/thousands that I do notice.

When I was little, I've always a lot of thick hair. I used to not be able to wrap my two fingers around all of it when I hold it into a pony, but now it only fits into 1/3 of my fingers wrapped around. Er, yeah my hand grew bigger over the years, so that explains why, but ever year the pony tail seems to be getting smaller and smaller T__T;; It might be due to dying my hair too much -__- But I feel as if my natural hair color is too dark for me D: So I'm not willing to let it grow out like that.

But yeah. Just ranting.


  1. its cause your hair has become damage weak and over processed from the chemicals. You need to give your hair a break boo. You have processed it a few times in the last few months and i can tell from your pictures how brittle your hair is now. Your gonna need some deep conditioning and give your hair a break so it wont be so weak.
    Silly boo.

    1. Lol usually I only dye it once every 4+ months, so I dont think I over process it that much :x

    2. But do you do anything to help make your hair healthy again after you dye it? Like do daily things?

    3. I usually just do deep conditioner, I think, every time I wash my hair and occassionally apply serum afterwards. I don't want so many products to build up on my hair at once.