Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wet n Wild Spoiled Are Mermaids Real?

Today I have another swatch :) Once again I couldn't get away from painting my nails. I took the pictures like 3 days later, so there's some tip wear. 

Are Mermaids Real? is the perfect violet/purple color. It's neither too dark nor too light, so it's the color purple that you'd normally think of. Application was good, it was pretty opaque after the first coat, but a second coat is needed to fix any uneven spots. It has plenty of small gold flecks, as you can see.

My camera couldn't capture the color and it turned out a lot more blue than it is. Are Mermaids Real? isn't blue at all in person, and there's no doubt that it's a violet color. I edited the above three photos to make them more purple, like how it looks in person. But for reference, here's an unedited photo (all the other photos actually turned out more blue than this one):

For some reason I always have an issue with my right hand chipping. I have tip wear on my left, but on my right hand, three of my nails already have a large chip on one corner. 


  1. This colour looks gorgeous, love your nails :)

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  2. great blue-purple colour! love the textured effects!