Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Need a haircut

As the title suggests.. I need a haircut soon. I was planning on getting one back in January or February but it never happened. So my hair has been growing and the longest layer is right above my butt now. 

But I have no idea how much to cut it. I feel like I need to cut it a lot just to get most of the dead/dry ends out. At the same time, I feel like anything is too much and it'll be short. Also don't know how I want it styled. I was thinking just a straight cut on the bottom, but I don't think it looks that good on me. I don't want layers because when I braid my hair it sticks out everywhere. 

Also I feel like I haven't been styling my hair as much as I should, considering that long hair gives so much option to do that. But heat = killer for my hair.



  1. Summertime is a chance to explore and try new things! It's ok, hair can always grow back. If you live in the vancouver area I have a salon I could recommend!

    1. Nope I'm in the USA! I've had shorter hairstyles before and they were horrendous, looking back at photos. Plus too broke to actually get a haircut -.-