Monday, July 8, 2013

Maybelline Blue Marks the Spot // China Glaze Electric Beat

I was at Target the other day and saw a display with Maybelline's new Polka Dot collection. I picked up Blue Marks the Spot for $2.99 and tried it when I got home. It seemed kind of sheer and I didn't want too much glitter so I used a similar base color. Electric Beat is from last spring's Electropop collection.
Blue Marks the Spot (2 coats) over Electric Beat (2 coats) +topcoat 
Bottle shot of Blue Marks the Spot

Blue Marks the Spot was easy to apply and wasn't sparse. Maybelline also has just the glitter one called Clearly Spotted and I'd rather get that (didn't see it at Target) because it's more versatile to layer over any base color.

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