Monday, July 1, 2013

Mobile Data Overages

This year I've been very unlucky with my data plan T_T I don't have unlimited and only have 200MB per month. I usually survive with just minimal usage and the bill is already super high so I never upgraded to a more abundant plan because it's not a necessity. The first time I went over was probably last year I went the day before the new cycle WTF. So mad.

But recently (last three months) I've been going over every month. 
April went over.. I didn't realize my wifi disconnected and I updated an app and BAM 10 seconds later I got a text saying I went over.
May went over again... I was looking at shoes and spamming a friend with photos and then I realized that the photos were being sent via iMessage so after I got home I got the text saying I went over. -face palm-
June went over again. I woke up this morning and found this!! I don't know how it happened :( Maybe because I was on Instagram yesterday morning after I woke up and didn't realize my wifi disconnected. But I turned data off immediately after I realized!! But still got this like a day later ugh. 

The thing is, my mom called me out for it two days ago. She was talking to my aunt about how I'm unwilling to switch over to T-Mobile because after my brother closes his line it'll just be a single line (me) and then said that I even went ahead and upgraded my data plan for an extra $15 without her approval. But I told her I didn't, and it was overages!! And she's like wtf why so many!! It was only two though! But now another one this month oops -_-

Btw in case you're wondering why I'm not upgrading my data plan even though it seems to be a better deal (considering I'm technically paying $30 for 400MB ($15 for the overage) instead of $30 for 3GB.) I think so too but like I said it's not a necessity and once I turn I can't turn back! They changed the smallest plan to $20 for 300MB now (which I probably should change to so I don't get overages hmm.) Anyways!! 

Originally I promised myself that if I did well in the Spring semester, I would reward myself with the 3GB data plan. But I did terribly last semester. Fml. Quite shameful, so I'm against upgrading cuz I don't think I deserve it. Maybe next semester if I actually do well, but that's still half a year away. 

In the meantime, I'm still trying to avoid switching over to T-Mobile. I'm still on contract btw, but my mom says it's worth it to just pay the fees. I feel that their service sucks because everywhere I go where my T-Mobile friends have no signal, I have signal in LTE!! So fyl. But fml if I have to switch. Plus I'm not too sure how good the reception is for iPhone, like data-wise. I have this belief that their LTE (or even 4G) for iPhone is that stable, so I'm hesitant about that too. I don't know for sure though. -shrugs-

Anyways, the struggle lives on. First world problems, I know.

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