Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brazil: More Shoes... & Lots of Food

Day 14: August 28
Today I woke up around 11:30AM or so on my own again :0 I stayed home for a while and then headed out with my mom to exchange a pair of boots she ended up getting my brother's girlfriend -.-;; The same pair as the ones I got, but for some reason one boot had spots all over it that wouldn't wipe off o_O 

While we were there, I remembered a pair from a store (Humantarian) we visited yesterday that we didn't go back to get, so we went there and ended up looking around and I ended up getting more shoes :X
The left one is for my brother's girlfriend lol. It was only R$40, so not too bad :o I bought a pair of pumps because I thought they were cute :c and they fit soo yeah. I already have something similar though..but it's kinda tight. When I was trying them on the 36 was too big, but the 35 was way too small -.- I ended up finding a 36 that fit I dunno..inconsistent manufacturing I guess. But the left side is a tad big and would slip off if I'm not careful. It was R$90 and the pair on the right was the one I went back for. It was R$55 :c

That makes 6 pairs of shoes that I bought in the past few days. I think I spent the total of..a bit under R$500 on shoes, which isn't too bad if you average it out and plus it's hard to find shoes that fit me in the US, so gotta stock up while I can. I hope they last though.

For dinner we went to the same place we went on the first night. We ordered the same things and I got pictures this time :D I don't know if it was because I was hungry (since it was like 10:00PM) or what but I felt like I had more of an appetite/thought it tasted better.   
 I ate sooo much that I had a stomach cramp T_T;; It took like two hours for it to finally go away.

Since I promised to go get dessert with my cousin's girlfriend we ended up going to Joyce Crossanterie. It was hard finding a place to go since it was 11:00PM.
Don't really know what these are, but the small ones have a cold, caramel filling. The big one is sorta like bread but harder and it has a layer of crispiness and chocolate filling and covering. 

Went to the market to pick up celery and then came home. 

Tomorrow's my last day (or technically today), so it'll probably be filled with packing and whatnot. We couldn't book a flight to the GRU Airport so my cousin has to drive us there in the middle of the night because our flight's in the morning.. It's like a 5 hour drive :T 

Anyways, going to sleep now, so until next time!!


  1. So you guys ended up buying for her? :D they all look super cute so hopefully she likes them..

    yaaaah, you have been posting super delicious food lately :D on instagram especially ^_^

  2. Cute shoes i really like the flats. i need a cute pair of flats for work.
    you and all this damn food youre such a foodie <3

  3. Super adorable buys :}
    I know what you mean! Gah I hate it when shoes are too tight, my feet get all blistery meh. Ohhh I've tried that big chocolate thing before.