Thursday, June 20, 2013

Going Blonde!!

This is a pretty belated post since I've already posted some photos of my new hair. But anyways I think I've mentioned this before, if not, if you know me, you'd know that I've been wanting to try going blonde for a while now. Here are the products that I used:
Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener ($19.99) & Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Developer ($5.19)
I saw photos online and in videos where the powder lightener came in a jar so I was a bit hesitant, but I figured it was probably just a different design of the same product. It's a 1lb bottle...and it seems like a lot O_O $20 is quite pricey, but it's more than enough. 
Wella Medium Beige Blonde T27 Toner ($4.79) & Color Charm 20 Volume Developer ($1.99)
So basically it's a 1:2 ratio (toner:developer). I bought two of each just in case I didn't have enough because my hair is pretty long. I was tempted to just get a bottle of a different branded developer because it was slightly cheaper and had more but I decided to play it safe and got Wella's. 

So all this stuff ended up costing me $40..I have no idea how much it'll be if I went to a salon, but probably a fortune given my long hair. 

My first attempt (indoor artificial lighting) on 4/24:
It was a disaster because I put it into my roots a bit later and I guess it just didn't work that well so it was really dark at the top :X I don't remember how it actually looked like but it looks like highlights in the photo lol.

So I redid the top and it was still kinda spotty, like on the sides and somewhere in the back (outdoor lighting):
It was soooo spotty in the back that it was kinda embarrassing to be out in public :X And I had it clipped for the first two days or so and then I didn't care afterwards.

Indoor lighting...omg that gold color was just gross.

Then finally a few weeks later (5/9) I finally bleached it again and then toned it. I couldn't tell if the toner did anything though and if anything it made the bottom half of my hair darker. I had my mom help me rebleach the spotty parts first, but she ended up just applying it to basically the top layer of my hair like.. the first 8-10 inches from the roots, which is why the top ended up a lot lighter than the bottom.

The next day I rebleached everything and toned it and the results were this and it's currently what I have now:
It's kinda like a reverse ombre color though because the top is lighter and transitions darker .__.
Tbh, I don't really know what color my hair is because it's different every other day to me ^^;; But I feel like 75% it's kinda still that golden-orangy color that I don't like.

Whatever color it is, it's not really the color I wanted to achieve, so I'm not sure what to do with my hair next ^^; The only option to get the color I want (which is like an ashy blonde) is to go to a salon because I don't think doing it myself will be good cuz I'll kill my hair more in the process of TRYING to get it (and probably failing again). The blonde this time wasn't what I was expecting at all :( 

But yeah, anyways, salons are expensive and my hair is long, so I don't think it's likely that I can get it done now. BUT if I go back darker and do decide to do it in the future, I feel like it'll just damage my hair trying to lighten it again since it's already light now ._.;; Decisions decisions!!!

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  1. Oooh! Your hair is so long. I've had a little bit of experience with going blonde. I have blonde peekaboos and they're pretty pale.
    Personally what I did was use the L'oreal Blue powder bleach and I bleached my hair several times. Afterwards I used a Wella Toner in Light Ash Blonde . My peekaboos aren't that orangey, but a little brassy so I'll need to touch it up. But yeah you should definitely try the Light Ash Blonde Wella toner instead. ^_^