Thursday, June 5, 2014

Big 20!

I just turned twenty about two weeks ago, and maybe if you're an older reader it's still super young but it's old for now. No more teen years and no more calling anyone who's 20+ old by saying I'm not even in my twenties yet lol. 

I'm happy and thankful to many of my friends who celebrated with me or even those who wished me a happy birthday. 

May 12
Had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with a friend! Also got him to try his first alcoholic drink there...might've created an alcoholic. 
Had a chance to try their garlic bread and Fried Mac and Cheese. One of my professors always talked about how amazing the Mac and Cheese was there and nobody ever wanted to try it with me, but I finally did! It was really yummy and cheesy but a little over-hyped. 
Grill Shrimp and Bacon Club, something else new! It was hugeee and I was only able to eat one half, so I saved the other for the next day.

May 15
The night before/turning into the day of, I went out clubbing with a friend who was leaving because of graduation. It was my friend time, so definitely a new experience and memorable (in different ways) night. 

May 16
That day I slept in until 3:30PM because I went to bed relatively late. I spent the afternoon with two of my high school/college friends, satisfying my banh mi craving and with tons of bubble tea. 
Then at 8:00PM I met up with a friend for that point I was somewhat full so I opted for sushi. After that, I went back to campus to see someone and then went home. It rained this year. 

May 17
The next day, I went to my friend's boyfriend's dorm for a gathering and to cook. We went to the market to buy ingredients but we passed by Chipotle and I had a craving... So I got that as well >< when I got there a few of my other friends were already there to surprise me, and if you're reading this, tbh I wasn't that surprised because someone, ahem, was being super sketch and also the guy at the desk kind of gave it away in the end :P
They got me a peach cake from my favorite Chinese bakery =D

And we finally cooked at 11:00PM and it's one of the only times I cook and it came out pretty well if I do say so myself. 

May 19
So Monday was kind of like a day for me, starting off with brunch at Cafe Luna
Lobster & Avocado Omelette with a side of fruits
Very yummy, but a bit too much avocado for me just because I'm not a big fan of it, but I wanted the lobster lol.

Went to the mall to do some window shopping, and I didn't buy anything.

At the end of the night, we went to The Fat Cat because we were in the area, and I've never tried there before.
Buffalo Chicken Nachos & Lobster Mac and Cheese

The portions were hugeee. I ate maybe 25% of the Mac and Cheese before I got full because I had already been eating quite a bit throughout the day and I ate the nachos too. I took the the leftovers home and ate it over the next two days, but it was just really oily and gross, so I ended up tossing it the second time. Next time I come, I'll definitely only get one thing and share it. They charge extra for sharing though.. ehh. 

But yeah, that concludes everything. Overall, I had a good time. Until next time!

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  1. The food looks AMAZING! It looks like you had a pretty exciting and fun couple of days till your birthday! And happy belated birthday! :)