Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Registered for Summer Classes

After over a month of just bumming around, I finally got to registered for my class last night! It's only one course though, because summer classes are so so expensive :( I thought of doing two (which is max) but nah. Looks like I'll finally have something to do, hopefully I do well because stupid teammates screwed my GPA over last semester. :( Class starts next week, kind of excited but once it starts, I'll probably hate it lol. 

Haven't done too much in the past week. I've caught up with Scandal and White Collar, since I had nothing better to do. I also twisted my ankle last week, ow. In the beginning it seemed fine, with very minor discomfort, then two days later it hurt like a bitch, throbbing and being super painful even if I took one step, so I stayed in bed for the most part. Another two days later, it got a lot better and now it's almost all healed up :D 

Anyways, just a short update, so until next time!

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