Saturday, October 11, 2014

EVA Air No Bueno

Written before takeoff by a hungry and upset Jessica

EVA Air is officially on my list of bad airlines x.x It’s mainly prompted by the fact that I did not get any food >=( My first time flying with them and it’s already off to a bad start.

So I got through security and everything by 6:45PM and my flight is at 8:05PM. But when I got to the gate, I found out that the flight has been delayed and we were never told for how long because the announcements for the next two hours kept saying it’ll be announced later.

Around 8:30PM they started giving food vouchers of 60元 per person. I went to this restaurant and sat down because they told others to sit down first then order. After sitting around for a while and constantly trying to call out to the waitress, which at some point she told me to wait, and waited we did, I finally went up to the person at the cash register since she didn’t seem to be as busy as the others. She told me to go find the waitress herself and ask. Fine, fine.

So I did and had to wait even when I was up in her face calling for her, she ignored me. But finally got her to come over to the table….and she tells me it’s too late to order because the flight is boarding. WTF WTF. So pissed. I was just sooo annoyed at this point, and she said I can grab ice cream if I wanted but I’m like no. I want my fucken food, not ice cream. Err not that I said that to her, but I was just like no I don't want that. 

Ughhhh. I could kind of understand the whole thing with the delay since that seems to occur with flights pretty often (1.5 hours isn’t too bad tbh) but then the restaurant incident kind of just ruined it all for me. But if you think about it, why is the airline giving meal vouchers 30 minutes before boarding when they KNEW for over two hours that the flight would be delayed. 

I would of just gotten my Burger King if I knew it was going to be like this. Fuck.

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