Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hiking on Shibaoshan

September 6: Shaxi, Yunnan
Today was the last full day in Yunnan and we spent it hiking on 石宝山. I think my main concern for the day was having to use a I made sure not to drink too much. It was an hour at least ride up to the mountain.

We first went to visit and look around these temples and such. I guess I didn't take any photos. Then we took the bus again further into the mountains.
There are certain mushrooms that people come to pick and they HAVE to pick it at the right time too. Crazy! Like not a day early or late. 

Ummm the next two photos I technically wasn't supposed to take photos to preserve the place and whatnot...but everyone was doing it...
Some vagina that people pray to for fertility. Can't really see it that clearly, but why would you want to? Pervert.
Lunch...I ended up eating the entire box of noodles and was scared I'd need the bathroom :X Luckily I didn't. 

When it was time to leave, we had the choice of hiking back down to Shaxi (about an hour) or taking the bus back. At this point it was raining a bit already and only two or three people were planning on taking the bus back, but then they had to carry all the trash and containers back. And it just pissed me off that even though everyone had their hands full already, one of the girls hiking asked one of them to carry her bag back. I told her it might be better for her to just carry it herself because they already had a lot to carry and she's just like no, it'll get wet. Whaat really. Kind of selfish imo. In the end I ended up taking the bus because I felt bad that they had to carry everything, and also it would've been an issue if I had to use the bathroom :X

Later that day we had dinner at the Old Theatre Inn. Probs my favorite meal, especially the potatoes yummmmm (first photo)
After dinner, there was a musical performance by uhh these old men. It started to all sound the same after a while lol.
They performed on that stage and I think it's a pretty old one too.

Still have more to spam, but I just wanna post this and get it done with haha. So that's it for Shaxi! Next post will be basically just food from the last day in Lijiang again. :)

Until next time!

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