Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lijiang, Yunnan: Food & Last Minute Shopping

September 7: Lijiang, Yunnan
We spent the last day basically traveling. It was kind of a waste of a day to some extent because I wish we had just gone straight to the airport, but perhaps there was as issue with being able to book a flight. We left Shaxi early in the morning to go back to Lijiang and spend about three or four hours there, including lunch time.

We ate at a restaurant called Beyond Cloud (云水肴). It's a really pretty restaurant! The food was also really yummy :)
Decor on the first floor ;o
 Coffee flavored ribs...pretty interesting though probably not my choice of food

After lunch, we had free time to do last minute shopping. I didn't actually look ahead on our itinerary so when we left Lijiang the first time, I didn't realize we'd be coming back, so I kind of did all my shopping already. Nonetheless, I still looked around and ended up buying a pair of pants and sweater. 

I don't really remember the flight back too well, but we got back pretty late :( 
 My favorite part of the flight hehe
My loot from Lijiang!
Skirt (25元) Scarves (25 and 30元), Pants (35元), Sweater thing (65元)
As usual, haggling was a must. The pants and skirt bled like crazy the first few washes and still bleeding..but it was expected.

Finally done with all my posts on this trip! Only took over a month hehe. starting-to-get-overdue posts from 国庆节. Until next time!

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