Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shaxi's Friday Market

September 5, 2014: Shaxi, Yunnan
Roosters at the Li Family outside of the bathroom.

We trekked through like the fields basically...I guess to take a different route and see other parts of town? I swear our tour guide did this out of spite because she knows I dislike wearing my boots/shoes and I wore flip flops again, and before we went through the fields, she called me out for it >< 
 Outskirts of town

 They have a Friday's market every week and we were lucky enough to be here while it happened! 
They sold all sorts of things, such as phones, clothing, socks, food (a whole market section as well), bedding, toilet paper, probably anything you can think of (kinda, not really).
This guy was trying to sell some sort of oil. Apparently it burned through his lighter so it started fizzing. He also has a live snake and a chicken, but I couldn't tell what they were there for. 

I didn't really buy much aside from a pillow case because my pillow in the apartment was disgusting so I was trying to buy a new one.

After looking through everything, my stomach wasn't feeling well so we went back to the Li Family and ended up skipping out of the rest of the afternoon's activities because we ended up napping for like four hours. 
We walked about 35 minutes to the Orchard Pear Temple for dinner and saw rainbows (not sure if it was multiple or the same one) on the way! We got there right as people were leaving, but we still had enough time to eat and catch a ride back. 

Not a very productive day for us...I felt bad since we skipped out on the activities ><

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