Saturday, November 15, 2014

I guess hungry people are bitchy people

We had a group of 14, so we split into two tables in a small private room, the "vegetarian" and "meat" tables (I sat in the meat table ofc). We had two vegetarians in the group, and each table were free to order their own dishes. 

The second dish that came got misplaced into the vegetarian table and I don't understand why they think it's okay to put their hands (literally) on our food, especially after we kept saying it's our dish. 
Our molested food after we got it back. Poor thing.

Then another dish came out and it was theirs but placed on our table. We told the waiter that it's theirs and to bring ours to us, and one of the girls from our group yells at us, "just get your fucken food yourself." And it's're only getting your food because we made sure they go to your table, so be fucken grateful instead of bitching.

Throughout the whole night it was so awkward because they kept complaining about how our dishes were "bigger" and theirs were tiny and they were pissed at us. Everything they said, they couldn't just say it like a civilized person, but with a bitchy attitude. When we asked them if they had enough food (because we didn't know if the food finished coming out or not) they were just like, "no, we're hungry cuz our dishes are so small." But it's ordered your own dishes, so why are you pissed at us that we made better choices with food? And honestly, they weren't limited to ordering just veggies was just easier to have the two vegetarians sit on one table. Also, for a good 10 minutes, we had three people from our group still on their way, so the meat table was half empty, which meant they all CHOSE to go to that table.

At some point one of the girls from the veggies table came over and saw a dish that we just ordered: 
She was like, "oh we want to order that too." And we offered for them to just come over and take some if we wanted because it's a relatively big dish and might go to waste. She gave us the dirtiest look over omg. 

Another thing is that someone from our table ordered a single chicken foot. It ended up on their table at some point, and for a while we were asking the waiters like what happened to it and stuff because we never got it and there's no way that it went to the other table because they only have vegetarian dishes. So we finally asked them just to make sure, and they're like, "Oh yeah, we got it. We ate it." Umm really... thanks for eating our food. It's OBVIOUSLY not theirs when it's meat too, so I don't know why it's think it's okay to do that. It was a single chicken foot, so it was obviously for someone too. If you want it, you can order it yourself.

It's not the fact that we had to share that makes me upset, but that they were bitching the entire night that it ruined the mood and made it so awkward for my table. I didn't even write about all the bitchy things they were saying, nor did I know the extent of it either because I wasn't at that table.

When they were walking out, they walked by our table and looked at our dishes, which were empty btw, so it might just be literally be the dishes. And they were making comments like, "oh yeah look at how big their dishes are and how small all ours were." 

So fucken bratty and bitchy. 


  1. Favorite post so far.. more more~

  2. Seriously. What is up with the people you're with??? =_= Rude much eh?