Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pervert or Thief? Both? Neither?

Uh, so I was on the train today in Beijing and from what it seems, they're a lot more strict with their security check (scanning your bags), so they even made me take off my (small) cross body and drop it through the scanner. It's closes with a flap and a twisty lock, so obviously I made sure to close it tight before dropping it through to make sure that things don't fall out or something while scanning.

So once on the train... I had it just slung on my shoulder, but then I had this gut feeling to sling it across my body properly so that it would be in front of me rather than on the side where people can easily steal from me, even though I should do this all the times anyways though. AND THEN I FIND THAT SOMEONE UNLOCKED IT WTF. And there's only this relatively old man to my rightwho happens to have his hand down there. It's possible that I forgot to close it properly, but I find that unlikely when I have to go through security check and I didn't take anything in or out since it was only like two minutes ago! Luckily everything was still there.

Then came the feeling that someone was rubbing their knuckles on my ass or something, IN THE DIRECTION OF THAT MAN AGAIN >:( But idk maybe it's just my pants or something. At some point after I kept suspiciously looking down there, he put his hand up pole. Then I felt it again and it was just this girl's jacket that she was holding that kept hitting against me. Okay old man, I'll let you off. Then his hand went down again and I felt it again and I quickly looked down and he instantly shot his hand back onto the pole. WTF?! I didn't feel like I was being groped or anything, so I was never certain if I was even being touched or not, so I couldn't make a scene and ask what the fuck he was doing when I wasn't even sure or not.


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