Monday, November 10, 2014

I learned how to ride a bike!!

I got tired of walking 25 minutes to class everyday, so I decided to just get a bike, which only takes 10 minutes to get to class. The only issue was not knowing how to ride one...but gotta learn one day, so why not now ;) 

So I bought a second handed one for CNY220 (~$35), which included a basket and lock. It still looks pretty new too. I was debating between this one and a new one, but the color was metallic and not what I wanted. It's still a pretty color though, but might end up being something I didn't want everyday. Plus it was probably more expensive. 

After maybe the third day of riding, I finally got a hang of it and was able to ride smoothly :) Before I would wobble A LOT and it was kind of dangerous for me and pedestrians.. but now I can do it, so yay!!
My's a lighter pink irl

So a month later, I ended up crashing into this guy head-on. It was my fault though >< It was actually a relatively light crash too because we were both going slowly and I think we tried braking as well. But anyways, part of my brake handle broke :( It still works, but it's just so sad.

I think riding a bike in Shanghai isn't as dangerous as I had thought it was. But I typically only ride through campus or to the station at most, so I try to avoid riding on the roads. I find that typically, cars are good with avoiding you, but obviously they have the right of the way. The only frustrating thing is having to navigate through slow pedestrians/bikers or ones where you can't predict which direction they're going.

I think it was a good investment :) It saves time and most importantly, I've learned how to bike. 

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  1. amazing! im going to be buying a bike once i move back to vancouver! need to work out and get around, 2 birds 1 stone!