Friday, February 6, 2015

2014 in a Nutshell

Hehe, guess I should've done this a few days ago before 2015, but whatever. I thought this would be a good change in pace with all the spam of trips lately. Actually, after going through all of this, I think it ended up just being a summary of my travels basically, whoops. But I think 2014 was definitely a year of travels, so it only makes sense hehe.

But here's a summary of my 2014.
1) Went to Toronto 
2) Reconnected with old friends and made new ones
3) Participated in my first fencing tournament
4) Dyed my hair back to "normal"
5) Went to Knoxville, TN
6) Declared my concentrations and minor for my degree
7) Survived through core (though bitterly)
8) Attended a wedding for the first time
9) Went clubbing for the first time for my birthday (lol)
10) Studied abroad in Shanghai
11) Got an internship for the summer with my 1st choice company
12) Traveled through parts of China and Asia:
Lijiang (Yunnan Province)
Shaxi (Yunnan Province)
Hong Kong x2

There's an entry to most of these, only exceptions being anything past Beijing, but if you're interested... just do a quick search at the sidebar and it'll pop up. Didn't really want to link them because there's like multiple entries to some of them, so it'll look messy, ehh.

I guess I slacked off quite a bit, so this is like a month late, but oh well... Chinese New Year's is coming up, so maybe I can count that instead or something. I dunno. Okay. Bye.

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