Monday, February 9, 2015

I Want a New Camera :(

So I probably dropped my camera one too many times...

It started acting weird after I got to Japan, where half the time, the color of the screen would turn weird for maybe two seconds before it went back to normal. There was also this one instances where one of my photos saved ahead of all my new photos. Like, say I took photo A, then proceeded to take a bunch of photos. Photo A remained as the most recent photo, so I thought the other ones didn't save ><;;; If that made sense. Lastly, my camera would randomly vibrate... it either went away on its own or I had to smack it to make it stop.
Then finally in Singapore (I think) the screen just remained that weird color :( It's not just the green part that's discolored...but it's like the whole thing >< It's over saturated. It's hard to tell from the lighting since it's dark, but my fingers were like super red and stuff.
Since the other photo was kinda dark, here's a lighter one.. The bottom one being the photo displayed.

It kind of gives me a new excuse for a new camera because I've been wanting a new one but wasn't able to justify it because mine still worked fine and the quality is pretty decent for my needs. But I guess I desired something a bit more. Still.. 

But even now it's a bit hard to justify it because my camera still functions.. just the screen is a It's somewhat of a big deal because I can't really tell if the photos are nice or not until I upload them. But at the same time...the photos that I take are just as good as they usually are. Derrrp.

I've been doing some research though for potential new ones, but they're so damn expensive $$$

First on my list is the Sony RX100 III (M3). It's $800 T_T But it's a high end compact camera, which is kind of what I want. terms of, I don't think I really want a DSLR. It's too bulky for me and I don't really know how they work either. And then there's the whole thing with needing many lenses. 

Err, I can always just settle for the M1 ($500) or M2 ($600) of the RX100, which is significantly cheaper, but... I have this obsession with having the newest model if it's available. Not looking to get a second-handed/refurbished model either, so that's not an option even though it saves HUNDREDS. But that doesn't mean I'm spoiled, because if I was, then I would have the M3 by now. And just because I want it doesn't mean I'll actually get it :(

Another option that I looked into was...

The Panasonic Lumix LX7. It's "only" $400 but it came out in 2012, so it makes me feel so... outdated. Even though it's heaps better than my current camera though. If you gave me the same camera and labeled it for 2015, I'd probably go for it. Wtf. Thinking about it this way, I should reconsider and maybe just get it then. I saw some sample photos of it and it's pretty nice..

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