Friday, February 6, 2015

Work Resumes!

Err...not résumés...realized it after I published it -_- but don't really feel like changing the title.

Finally went into work today after over two weeks :O It was canceled a lot because of all the snow days and weather in general. 

Speaking of the's supposed to be snowing for the next few days, with another big snowstorm on Sunday night, I think. Like I said in the last post, I'm not really that affected by the snow, so I actually like it ^^; It's very wintery. 

A bit off topic, but I saw a post on Facebook last night or something about how the city cleared the snow for the Super Bowl parade, but failed to do so yet for other parts of the city. Ehh, like calm yourselves. So what if the city prioritized that section of the city for the parade? It's not like that's not a part of the city that needs to be clear of the snow and why is a central part of the city any less important than residential areas..? Not like they're making you shovel lol... 

Anyways, work today was super relaxing because only three kids came and they're the little ones too. One of the kept crying though :( For like a good half an hour and kept calling for his mom. It's so weird because he never cries. But eventually, he calmed himself when we played this alphabet game together on the iPad and eventually he got comfortable with being in the classroom and I didn't have an issue with taking the iPad away from him.

I also talked to my coworkers a bit. I feel like I usually never do rofl because we all usually do our own thing, but since there aren't a lot of kids today, it was way more relaxed. 

It was so cold after work :( The 20 second walk to the van was super windy and it was only like 30 degrees out too, which isn't even that bad, but it felt way colder T_T;;;

Okay, have to do my reading now :( Good night.

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